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 chū fā to set off / to start (on a journey)
 xiān qǐ to lift / to raise in height / to begin / upsurge / to set off (a campaign)
 chèn tuō to set off
 fàng to put / to place / to release / to free / to let go / to let out / to set off (fireworks)
 shǐ fā (of trains etc) to set off (on a journey) / to start (being issued or circulated) / to start (happening) / originating
 rán fàng to light / to set off (firecrackers etc)
 péi chèn to enhance by contrast / to set off / to serve as a background in order to bring out the subject with greater brilliance / to serve as a prop / a foil
 chū chē to dispatch a vehicle / (of a vehicle or its driver) to set off
 jiù dào to set off / to take to the road
 rán bào to cause to explode / to fire / to set off
 hōng chèn to set off / to highlight by contrast
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