2017, Year of the Fire Rooster
Chinese horoscope 2017

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Year of the Fire Rooster
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According to Chinese astrology, is the Year of the Fire Rooster (traditionally, the year 4715) which started January 28, 2017 in line with the Chinese New Year and end the evening of February 15, 2018, giving way to the Earth Dog zodiac sign.
The Rooster Sign :The quick thinking, ingenious Roosters are a pragmatic lot who prefer not to take any risks. Roosters are so aware of what’s going on around them that some may believe them to be psychic. It is not easy to sneak anything by a Rooster. These beings are a frank, honest lot who do not pull any punches and admire those who are truthful with them.
Roosters do not play games and are not likely to create facades to hide behind. They are honest, open and keep their word. Roosters are perfectionists and like to be in control. Their appearance is of great importance to them. Roosters do love to be noticed and love socializing with those who love them.
Roosters expect and will fight for control of their surroundings and those who fall within its boundaries. They are extremely neat and expect their family members to be the same. By nature, Roosters are conservative, and loyal, trusting and supportive to those who earn it. Those close to the Rooster who do not live up to their standards will find themselves henpecked incessantly.
Roosters who learn to let others be what they are will have an extremely gratifying life.

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