zhǔ yi


  • plan
  • idea
  • decision
  • CL:個|个[ge4]
  • Beijing pr. [zhu2 yi5]



  • 亏你想到这种馊主意
    Of all the silly ideas!
  • 看来她会改变主意
    It appears that she might change her mind.
  • 这是谁的主意
    Whose idea was it?
  • 真是一个好主意
    What a good idea!
  • 真是一个好主意
    What a wonderful idea!
  • 我刚想到了一个好主意
    A good idea occurred to me just then.
  • 你说甚么我也不会改变主意的。
    No matter what you may say, I will not change my mind.
  • 我想到了一个好主意
    I thought of a good idea.
  • 我想到了一个主意
    An idea came to me.
  • 他的主意总是可行的。
    His ideas are always practical.
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