qù shì


  • to pass away
  • to die



  • 女王伊丽莎白一世于1603年去世
    Queen Elizabeth I passed away in 1603.
  • 去世的消息在世界各地播出。
    His death was broadcast all over the world.
  • 他昨天去世了。
    He died yesterday.
  • 据说他爸爸在外国去世了。
    It is said that his father died in a foreign country.
  • 丈夫去世时她十分绝望。
    She was in despair when her husband died.
  • 他在数年前去世了。
    He died some years since.
  • 他昨天去世了。
    He died yesterday.
  • 他的去世让他的太太大受打击。
    His death was great shock to his wife.
  • 他的父亲去世了,所以他很伤心。
    He felt sad because he lost his father.
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