• lump (of earth) / chunk / piece / classifier for pieces of cloth, cake, soap etc / colloquial word for yuan (or other unit of currency such as Hong Kong or US dollar etc), usually as 塊錢|块钱



  • 我想用这手表换一便宜一点的。
    I would like to exchange this watch with a cheaper one.
  • 抓饭肉是八钱。素抓饭只是四钱。
    The pilaf with meat is eight yuan. The vegetarian pilaf is only four yuan.
  • 手錶很准。
    This watch keeps correct time.
  • 你能举起这石头吗?
    Can you lift this stone?
  • 请你给我一面包。
    Please give me a piece of bread.
  • 肉烤得不错。
    This meat is roasted well.
  • 球拍多少钱?
    How much is this racket?
  • 她储了一百
    She saved a hundred dollars.
  • 我们的抓饭是四钱。
    Our pilaf is four yuan.
  • 我用三钱买了那本书。
    I paid 3 dollars for the book.
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