yì yì


  • sense
  • meaning
  • significance
  • importance
  • CL:個|个[ge4]



  • 他的话对我来说没有任何意义
    His words convey nothing at all to me.
  • 空气对人来说就是水对鱼的意义
    Air is to us what water is to fish.
  • 我发现实地考察很有教育意义
    I found the field trip very educational.
  • 这次面试的意义是评断你合不合适这家公司。
    The purpose of this interview is to assess whether or not you are suitable for the company.
  • 有人说电视上的卡通本身是有教育意义的。
    Some people say that cartoons on television are educational in themselves.
  • 大家听了,都很高兴,觉得这个婚礼又新颖又有意义
    Everyone listened and was very happy, thinking this wedding was both original and meaningful.
  • 大家知道,今天对我们来说是一个很有意义的日子。
    As everyone knows, today is a very significant day for us.
  • 即使你的句子实际上是毫无意义的,至少你有幸能造出好句子。
    Even if your sentences were actually senseless, you at least have the luck to be able to form beautiful sentences.
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