suǒ yǐ


  • therefore
  • as a result
  • so
  • the reason why



  • 因为以前见过他, 所以我立刻就认出他来。
    Having met him before, I recognized him at once.
  • 所以, 有段时间你也是个巫师吗?
    So, was there a time when you were a wizard, too?
  • 他失恋了,所以便尝试自杀。
    He tried to kill himself because he lost her love.
  • 我病了,所以没有上学。
    Illness prevented me from coming to school.
  • 他病了,所以没有上学。
    He was absent from school because of illness.
  • 因为你不够努力,所以才会失败。
    The reason why you failed is you did not try hard enough.
  • 因为几乎所有的四合院有南面的门和主要楼房,所以大部分的胡同是从东
    Nearly all siheyuans had their main buildings and gates facing south for better lighting, so a majority of hutongs run from east to west.
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