• to receive
  • to accept
  • to collect
  • to put away
  • to restrain
  • to stop
  • in care of (used on address line after name)



  • 小费。
    No gratuity accepted.
  • 晚饭后我听音机。
    I listen to the radio after dinner.
  • 音机关掉了。
    The radio is powered off.
  • 男孩躺着听音机。
    The boy lay listening to the radio.
  • 我们建议提高费。
    We suggest raising the fees.
  • 这台音机多少钱?
    What is the price of this radio?
  • 请你把音机关掉。
    Turn off the radio, please.
  • 覆水难
    What is done cannot be undone.
  • 音机的声音有点响。
    The radio is a bit loud.
  • 预期今年稻米会丰
    This year promises a good harvest of rice.
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