shōu jí


  • to gather
  • to collect



  • 我的兴趣是收集钱币。
    My hobby is collecting coins.
  • 他对收集昆虫很有兴趣。
    He has an interest in collecting insects.
  • 你们应该收集进一步的信息。
    You must gather further information.
  • 洋子有收集邮票的兴趣。
    Yoko is interested in collecting stamps.
  • 收集了一些讯息。
    He collected bits of information.
  • 警察收集了很多对他不利的证据。
    The police assembled a lot of evidence against him.
  • 男孩收集了一把花生,然后把它们放到了一个小箱子里。
    The boy gathered a handful of peanuts and put them in a small box.
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