• bright
  • opposite: dark 暗[an4]
  • (of meaning) clear
  • to understand
  • next
  • public or open
  • wise
  • generic term for a sacrifice to the gods



  • 王小还没有去过美国,他很想年去.
    Xiaoming Wang has never been to America. He really wants to go next year.
  • 天图书馆见。
    See you tomorrow at the library.
  • 欧洲文
    European civilization.
  • 谁发了电话?
    Who invented the telephone?
  • 天是圣诞节。
    Tomorrow is Christmas.
  • 熊猫很聪
    Pandas are very clever.
  • 天,天,只是不是今天-所有的懒惰的人都这么说。
    Tomorrow, tomorrow, just not today - say all lazy people.
  • 我们天几点出发?
    What time do we leave tomorrow?
  • 天就开学了。
    School begins tomorrow.
  • 请附上质量证书。
    Please attach a certificate of quality.
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