• to warm up
  • to heat up
  • hot (of weather)
  • heat
  • fervent



  • 冬天暖气
    Is the central heating warm enough in the winter?
  • 打铁趁
    Strike while the iron is hot.
  • 我想喝点儿汤。
    I want to eat warm soup.
  • 泪盈眶。
    Tears filled her eyes.
  • 我眼皮发
    My eyelid feels hot.
  • 今天特别
    It is especially hot today.
  • 谁要巧克力?
    Who wants hot chocolate?
  • 我觉得很
    I am hot.
  • 今天多么地啊!
    How hot it is today!
  • 是一种能量。
    Heat is a form of energy.
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