dū huì


  • city
  • metropolis



  • 我们都会犯错。
    We are all liable to make mistakes.
  • 所有鸟都会飞吗?
    Can all birds fly?
  • 上帝什么都会
    God can do anything!
  • 每个人都会说一种语言。
    Everyone speaks a language.
  • 她每天都会练琴。
    She practises the piano every day.
  • 不是所有的鸟都会飞。
    Not all birds can fly.
  • 英国期望每个人都会尽义务。
    England expects that every man will do his duty.
  • 我当时每个月都会购买五本书。
    I bought five books a month.
  • 我每次读这本书都会有新发现。
    Every time I read this book, I find something new.
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