• sound
  • noise
  • note (of musical scale)
  • tone
  • news
  • syllable
  • reading (phonetic value of a character)



  • 机的声有点响。
    The radio is a bit loud.
  • 把收机的声关小一点。
    Turn the radio down a little.
  • 走调了,色很难听。
    The piano was out of tune; it sounded very bad.
  • 他一面开车一面听收机的乐。
    He drove the car, listening to music on the radio.
  • 可以把收机的量调低一点吗?
    Would you mind turning down the radio?
  • 「Guitar」一字的重在第二节。
    The accent of "guitar" falls on the second syllable.
  • 你爱乐吗?
    Do you love music?
  • 乐悦耳。
    Music gratifies the ears.
  • 我听乐。
    I listen to music.
  • 我很喜欢乐,尤其是古典乐。
    I like music, especially classical music.
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