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 jìn rì in the past few days / recently / in the last few days
 yǐ wǎng in the past / formerly
 yī zhí yǐ lái in the past always / for a long time now / until now
 zài qián ahead / formerly / in the past
 guò wǎng to come and go / to have friendly relations with / in the past / previous
 yī rú jì wǎng just as in the past (idiom) / as before / continuing as always
 lái zhe auxiliary showing sth happened in the past
 zhào jiù as before / as in the past
 shì guò jìng qiān The issue is in the past, and the situation has changed (idiom). / It is water under the bridge.
 wǎn jìn most recent in the past / recent / late / recently
 hòu sǐ bó shēng lit. to praise the dead and revile the living / fig. to live in the past (idiom)
宿 sù xī formerly / in the past
 jiù qián in the past / formerly
 rì lái in the past few days / lately
 cóng xiān (dialect) before / in the past / previously
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