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 guò qù (in the) past / former / previous / to go over / to pass by
 yǐ qián before / formerly / previous / ago
 shàng rèn to take office / previous (incumbent) / predecessor
 shàng on top / upon / above / upper / previous / first (of multiple parts) / to climb / to get onto / to go up / to attend (class or university)
 shàng ge first (of two parts) / last (week etc) / previous / the above
 guò wǎng to come and go / to have friendly relations with / in the past / previous
 zài xiān to come first / previous / prior / beforehand / first / formerly
 bù guò only / merely / no more than / but / however / anyway (to get back to a previous topic) / cannot be more (after adjectival)
 huí fù to reply / to recover / to return (to a previous condition) / Re: in reply to (email)
 yǐ lái since (a previous event)
 shàng yī ge previous one
 shàng yè previous page
 qián shì previous generations / previous incarnation (Buddhism)
 qián duàn front part (of an object) / first part (of an event) / previous paragraph
 qián shēn forerunner / predecessor / precursor / previous incarnation (Buddhism) / jacket front
 wǎng nián in former years / in previous years
 lì jiè all previous (meetings, sessions etc)
 zhí tōng chē "through train" (refers to the idea of retaining previous legislature after transition to Chinese rule in Hong Kong or Macao)
 gǎi kǒu to change one's tune / to modify one's previous remark / to change the way one addresses sb (as when one marries and starts to call one's husband's parents 爸爸[ba4 ba5] and 媽媽|妈妈[ma1 ma5])
 qián shēng previous life / previous incarnation
 yuán zhuàng previous condition / original state
 lǎo yī bèi previous generation / older generation
 xiān rén ancestors / previous generations / my late father
 yuán chù original spot / previous place / where it was before
 xī nián former years / previous years
 gé yè overnight / of the previous day
 shàng xīng qī last week / previous week
 jiē bān to take over (from those working the previous shift) / to take over (in a leadership role etc) / to succeed sb
 qián gōng jìn qì to waste all one's previous efforts (idiom) / all that has been achieved goes down the drain
 qián cháo the previous dynasty
 qián kē criminal record / previous convictions
 biàn tiān to undergo change in weather / restoration of reactionary rule or the previous regime
 Cháng Jiāng hòu làng tuī qián làng lit. the rear waves of the Yangtze River drive on those before (idiom) / fig. the new is constantly replacing the old / each new generation excels the previous / (of things) to be constantly evolving
 huàn bān to change shift / the next work shift / to relieve (a workman on the previous shift) / to take over the job
 zé (conjunction used to express contrast with a previous clause) but / then / standard / norm / principle / to imitate / to follow / classifier for written items
 hóng pán (of a stock price or market index) currently higher than at the previous day's close
 shǒu yè to preserve one's heritage / to defend the accomplishments of previous generations / to carry on the good work / to keep one's business going
 wàng to go (in a direction) / to / towards / (of a train) bound for / past / previous
 yí lǎo old fogy / adherent of previous dynasty
 xǐ xuě to erase / to wipe out (a previous humiliation etc)
 huǎng rú gé shì like a thing of the previous generation / as if it were a lifetime ago
 mí hún tāng potion that makes the soul forget its previous life / (fig.) words or actions intended to attract sb's interest
 zhé jié dú shū to start reading furiously, contrary to previous habit (idiom)
 shàng huí last time / the previous time
 A1 lā mù tú Almaty, previous capital of Kazakhstan
 shàng dài previous generation
 qīn dài parent's generation / previous generation
 qián chē zhǔ previous owner (of a car for sale)
 shǒu chéng to preserve the accomplishments of previous generations / to carry on the good work of one's predecessors
 tuō yóu píng (derog.) (of a woman) to bring one's children into a second marriage / children by a previous marriage
 Wū sū lǐ sī kè Ussuriisk city in Russian Pacific Primorsky region / previous names include 雙城子|双城子[Shuang1 cheng2 zi5] and Voroshilov 伏羅希洛夫|伏罗希洛夫
 guò fàn previous sins
 tóu huí for the first time / on the previous occasion / last time (something occurred)
  ageing of previous recommendations
 wú zhì liáo shǐ no history of previous treatment
 yī jiàn zhī chóu a wrong suffered (idiom) / old grievance / previous defeat
 tóu wǎn previous night
绿 lu:4 pán (of a stock price or market index) currently lower than at the previous day's close
 bīng shì qián xián to forget previous differences / to bury the hatchet
 sù shì previous life
宿 sù shì previous life
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