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 yuán lái original / former / originally / formerly / at first / so, actually, as it turns out
 guò qù (in the) past / former / previous / to go over / to pass by
 céng jīng once / already / former / previously / ever / (past tense marker used before verb or clause)
 yuán xiān originally / original / former
 xiān early / prior / former / in advance / first
 yuán yǒu original / former
 qián zhě the former
 qián rèn predecessor / ex- / former / ex (spouse etc)
 qián front / forward / ahead / first / top (followed by a number) / future / ago / before / BC (e.g. 前293年) / former / formerly
 yuán former / original / primary / raw / level / cause / source
 wǎng tōng China Netcom (CNC), former telecommunication service provider in PRC
 wǎng shì past events / former happenings
 fù fā to recur (of a disease) / to reappear / to relapse (into a former bad state)
 wǔ shù military skill or technique (in former times) / all kinds of martial art sports (some claiming spiritual development) / self-defense / tradition of choreographed fights from opera and film (recent usage) / also called kungfu 功夫 / CL:種|种[zhong3]
 zhì fú to subdue / to check / to bring under control / (in former times) what one is allowed to wear depending on social status / uniform (army, party, school etc) / livery (for company employees) / CL:套[tao4]
 zhōng chǎng middle period of a tripartite provincial exam (in former times) / midfield / mid-court (in sports) / half-time / intermission half-way through a performance
 wǎng rì former days / the past
 Kāi fēng Kaifeng prefecture-level city in Henan, old capital of Northern Song, former provincial capital of Henan / old name Bianliang 汴梁
 chuán chéng to pass on (to future generations) / passed on (from former times) / a continued tradition / an inheritance
 gù gōng former imperial palace
 wǎng nián in former years / in previous years
 Lián Zhàn Lien Chan (1936-), Taiwanese politician, former vice-president and chairman of Guomintang
 Hàn chéng Hanseong, former name of Seoul (capital of South Korea), replaced in 2005 with 首爾|首尔[Shou3 er3]
 fù yuán to restore (sth) to (its) former condition / to recover from illness / recovery
 qún xióng outstanding heroes / warlords vying for supremacy (in former times) / stars (of sports or pop music)
 gù jū former residence
 lā dīng Latin / (in former times) to press-gang / to kidnap and force people into service
 qián Sū lián former Soviet Union
 lóng fēi to promote (to official position in former times)
 Shū mǎ hè Michael Schumacher (1969-), former German racing driver
 jiù zhǐ former site / old location
 qián zǒng tǒng former president
 sān jūn (in former times) upper, middle and lower army / army of right, center and left / (in modern times) the three armed services: Army, Navy and Air Force
 Mài dí Tracy McGrady (1979-), former NBA player
西 Xī Hàn Western Han Dynasty (206 BC-8 AD), also called 前漢|前汉[Qian2 Han4], Former Han Dynasty
 jiù shí in former times / the olden days
 qián fū former husband
 tuì qù to take off (one's clothes) / (fig.) to shed (one's former image etc) / (of a fad or the after-effects of a disaster etc) to subside / also pr. [tun4 qu4]
 jiù shì old affair / former matter
 shàng bèi zi one's ancestors / past generations / a former incarnation
 jiù rì former times / olden days
 wǔ shí 11 am-1 pm (in the system of two-hour subdivisions used in former times)
 Wáng Zhì zhì Wang Zhizhi (1977-), former Chinese basketball player
 bǎo jià (in former times) to escort the emperor (or other important personage) / (nowadays) to escort sb (usually jocular)
 guó jiā huán bǎo zǒng jú (PRC) State Environmental Protection Administration (SEPA), former incarnation (until 2008) of 環境保護部|环境保护部[Huan2 jing4 Bao3 hu4 bu4]
 yín piào (in former times) banknote with a value in silver
 Lǐ Zhào xīng Li Zhaoxing (1940-), former PRC foreign minister
 zǐ shí 11 pm-1 am (in the system of two-hour subdivisions used in former times)
 nóng fù peasant woman (in former times) / female farm worker
 Hàn shū History of the Former Han Dynasty, second of the 24 dynastic histories 二十四史[Er4 shi2 si4 Shi3], composed by Ban Gu 班固[Ban1 Gu4] in 82 during Eastern Han (later Han), 100 scrolls
 xiān bèi elders / former generations
 xī nián former years / previous years
 Sài mǎ huì the Jockey Club, Hong Kong philanthropic organization (and former gentleman's club)
 Lì táo wǎn Lithuania / the Lithuanian republic, former Baltic Soviet republic
 shū guǎn teashop with performance by 評書|评书 / story tellers / (attached to name of publishing houses) / (in former times) private school / library (of classic texts)
 wǎng jiè former sessions / former years
 sī shú private school (in former times)
 qián xián former hatred / bygone enmity
西 Xī gòng Saigon, capital of former South Vietnam / Sai Kung town in New Territories, Hong Kong
 gù dì once familiar places / former haunts
 xù jiù to reminisce / to talk about former times
 Hú Zhì míng Ho Chi Minh (1890-1969), former Vietnamese leader / see also 胡志明市[Hu2 Zhi4 ming2 Shi4]
 jiù yuē former agreement / former contract
 Sà mó Satsuma, the name of a former feudal domain in Japan, and of a former province, a battleship, a district, a peninsula etc
 Wáng Mǎng Wang Mang (45 BC-23 AD), usurped power and reigned 9-23 between the former and later Han
 xiān wáng former kings / former emperors / in Confucian writing, refers esp. to the sage rulers Yao 堯|尧[Yao2], Shun 舜[Shun4], Yu 禹[Yu3], Tang 湯|汤[Tang1] and the kings of Zhou
 Wú Guān zhèng Wu Guanzheng (1938-), former CPC Secretary of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection
 xiān xián worthy predecessor / distinguished person of the past / former sage
 wáng fǎ the law / the law of the land / the law of a state (in former times) / criterion
 qián zǒng lǐ former prime minister
 A1 sài bài jiāng Azerbaijan, former Soviet Republic and region of northwest Iran in Caucasus
 jiù jū old residence / former home
 Yān guó Yan, a vassal state of Zhou in modern Hebei and Liaoning / north Hebei / the four Yan kingdoms of the Sixteen Kingdoms, namely: Former Yan 前燕 / (337-370), Later Yan 後燕|后燕 / (384-409), Southern Yan 南燕 / (398-410), Northern Yan 北燕 / (409-436)
 wéi chǎng enclosure / pig pen / hunting ground exclusively kept for emperor or nobility (in former times)
 Wāng Dào hán Wang Daohan (1915-2005), former president of the Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Straits
 jiù bù one's former subordinates
 léi lóng apatosaurus / former name: brontosaurus
 mán yí common term for non-Han peoples in former times, not exclusively derogatory / barbarian
 zài bài to bow again / to bow twice (gesture of respect in former times) / (in letters, an expression of respect)
 tóu miàn head ornament (in former times)
 yín qián silver money (in former times)
 yú niè remaining evil element / surviving members (of evil former regime) / dregs (of colonial administration)
 jiù mào old look / former appearance
 yí zhào posthumous edict (of former emperor)
 jiù dì once familiar places / former haunts
 xún bǔ to patrol / policeman (in China's former foreign concessions)
 yuán Sū lián former Soviet Union
 jié fà (in former times) to bind one's hair on coming of age
 jiù bìng old illness / former affliction
 Lǐ Ruì huán Li Ruihuan (1934-), former Chinese politician
 jiù shí former acquaintance / old friend
 gù dū former capital / ancient capital
 yáng huò Western goods / imported goods (in former times)
 qián shǒu xiàng former prime minister
 jiù zhì old system / weights and measures of former times
 tòng gǎi qián fēi completely correcting one's former misdeeds (idiom) / to repent past mistakes and turn over a new leaf / a reformed character
 jiù wù old property (esp. inherited from former generation) / former territory
 yí mín (lit.) leftover men / (fig.) loyalist adherents of a former dynasty / surviving members of an ethnic group
 Mù bā lā kè Hosni Mubarak (1928-), former Egyptian President and military commander
 zū shuì taxation / in former times, esp. land tax
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