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 fù jiàn enclosure / attachment (email) / appendix
 quān dì staking a claim to territory / enclosure
 wéi chǎng enclosure / pig pen / hunting ground exclusively kept for emperor or nobility (in former times)
 liè (literary) equal / enclosure / dike / embankment / Taiwan pr. [le4]
 wéi enclosure
 tū wéi to break a siege / to break out of an enclosure
 lèi enclosure, dike, embankment
 yuè chéng semicircular defensive enclosure around city gates / crescent-shaped barbican
 gē fáng dovecote / enclosure for carrier pigeons
 Quān dì Yùn dòng Enclosure Movement
  enclosure of high seas / enclave of international waters
  animal enclosure module
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