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 biāo zhǔn (an official) standard / norm / criterion / CL:個|个[ge4]
 zhǔn zé norm / standard / criterion
 jī zhǔn norm / standard / standard of reference / base / base point / base line / benchmark / reference point / reference frame / criterion / data
 yào jiàn key document / important condition / criterion / requirement / requisite / cornerstone
 wáng fǎ the law / the law of the land / the law of a state (in former times) / criterion
 pàn jù criterion / criteria
 guǐ fàn standard / criterion
 zhǔn dì standard / norm / criterion
 zhǔn shéng yardstick / fig. criterion / ground rule
 shí jiàn shì jiǎn yàn zhēn lǐ de wéi yī biāo zhǔn Actual practice is the sole criterion for judging truth (item from Deng Xiaoping theory, from 1978)
  environmental assessment criterion
  readiness criterion
  complexity criterion
 Ruì lì zhǔn zé Rayleigh criterion (optics)
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