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 yǐ qián before / formerly / previous / ago
 zhī qián before / prior to / ago / previously / beforehand
 qián xiē a few (days, years etc) ago
 jù jīn before the present / (a long period) ago
 qián front / forward / ahead / first / top (followed by a number) / future / ago / before / BC (e.g. 前293年) / former / formerly
 gāng gang just recently / just a moment ago
 gāng cái (just) a moment ago
 zǎo yǐ long ago / for a long time
 rì qián the other day / a few days ago
 cháng qī yǐ lái ever since a long time ago
 bù jiǔ qián not long ago
 qián bù jiǔ not long ago / not long before
 shì cái just now / a moment ago
 céng jǐ hé shí just a while before / not so long ago / everyone can remember when..
 yōu yuǎn long time ago / distant / far away
 lǎo zǎo a long time ago
 gé shì separated by a generation / a lifetime ago
 jiǔ yǐ long ago / a long time since
 jiāng will / shall / to use / to take / to checkmate / just a short while ago / (introduces object of main verb, used in the same way as 把[ba3])
 cái a moment ago / just now / (indicating sth happening later than expected) / (preceded by a clause of condition or reason) not until / (followed by a numerical clause) only
 Zhōng shēng dài Mesozoic (geological era 250-65m years ago, covering Triassic 三疊紀|三叠纪, Jurassic 侏羅紀|侏罗纪 / and Cretaceous 白堊紀|白垩纪)
 dà qián tiān three days ago
 zǎo early / morning / Good morning! / long ago / prematurely
 Gǔ shēng dài Paleozoic, geological era 545-250m years ago, covering Cambrian 寒武紀|寒武纪, Ordovician 奧陶紀|奥陶纪, Silurian 志留紀|志留纪, Devonian 泥盆紀|泥盆纪, Carboniferous 石炭紀|石炭纪, Permian 二疊紀|二叠纪
 qǐng unit of area equal to 100 畝|亩[mu3] or 6.67 hectares / a short while / a little while ago / circa. (for approximate dates)
 huǎng rú gé shì like a thing of the previous generation / as if it were a lifetime ago
 zhǐ bù guò jǐ nián qián only a few years ago / just a few years ago
 qián hán wǔ jì pre-Cambrian, geological period before c. 540m years ago
 qiān nián qián a thousand years ago
宿 sù cǎo grass that has grown on a grave since last year / (fig.) grave / to have died long ago / fodder provided to animals for the night
 Gēng xīn shì Pleistocene (geological epoch from 2m years ago, covering the most recent ice ages)
 cái rán just recently / just a moment ago / just now
 wàn nián qián ten thousand years ago
 qǐng zhě just now / a short while ago
 Xiǎn shēng dài Phanerozoic, geological eon lasting since the Cambrian 寒武紀|寒武纪[Han2 wu3 ji4], c. 540m year ago
 Xiǎn shēng zhòu Phanerozoic, geological eon lasting since the Cambrian 寒武紀|寒武纪[Han2 wu3 ji4], c. 540m year ago
 wǔ bǎi nián qián shì yī jiā five hundred years ago we were the same family (idiom) (said of persons with the same surname)
 dà qián nián three years ago
 dǎ zǎo earlier / long ago / as soon as possible
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