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 yuán yīn cause / origin / root cause / reason / CL:個|个[ge4]
 zào chéng to bring about / to create / to cause
 yǐn qǐ to give rise to / to lead to / to cause / to arouse
 dǎo zhì to lead to / to create / to cause / to bring about
 shì yè undertaking / project / activity / (charitable, political or revolutionary) cause / publicly funded institution, enterprise or foundation / career / occupation / CL:個|个[ge4]
 yuán gù reason / cause
使 zhì shǐ to cause / to result in
使 shǐ to make / to cause / to enable / to use / to employ / to send / to instruct sb to do sth / envoy / messenger
 yóu to follow / from / it is for...to / reason / cause / because of / due to / to / to leave it (to sb) / by (introduces passive verb)
使 shǐ de usable / workable / feasible / doable / to make / to cause
 yǐn fā to lead to / to trigger / to initiate / to cause / to evoke (emotions)
 jī qǐ to arouse / to evoke / to cause / to stir up
 yòu fā to induce / to cause / to elicit / to trigger
 zī shēng to breed / to flourish / to cause / to provoke / to create
 qǐ yīn cause / a factor (leading to an effect)
 chéng yīn cause / factor / cause of formation
 yuán yóu reason / cause
 lái tóu cause / reason / interest / influence
 yòu yīn cause / triggering factor / incentive / inducement
 shì yóu main content / matter / work / origin of an incident / cause / purpose / subject (of business letter)
 lái yóu reason / cause
 yīn cause / reason / because
 gēn dǐ foundation / grounding / background / what lies at the bottom of sth / root / cause
 yīn yóu reason / cause / predestined relationship (Buddhism)
 jiào religion / teaching / to make / to cause / to tell
 yuán former / original / primary / raw / level / cause / source
 lìng to order / to command / an order / warrant / writ / to cause / to make sth happen / virtuous / honorific title / season / government position (old)
 zhì to send / to devote / to deliver / to cause / to convey
 gù happening / instance / reason / cause / intentional / former / old / friend / therefore / hence / (of people) to die, dead
 lìng rén to cause one (to do sth) / to make one (angry, delighted etc)
 xiāo miè to put an end to / to annihilate / to cause to perish / to perish / annihilation (in quantum field theory)
 wěi qu to feel wronged / to cause sb to feel wronged / grievance
 kùn rǎo to perplex / to disturb / to cause complications
 rén wéi artificial / man-made / having human cause or origin / human attempt or effort
 zhǔ yào yuán yīn main reason / primary cause
 sāo rǎo to disturb / to cause a commotion / to harass
 hōng dòng to cause a sensation / to create a stir in (a place) / commotion / controversy
 zēng jìn to promote / to enhance / to further / to advance (a cause etc)
 yào mìng to cause sb's death / very / extremely / frightening / annoying
 yǐn bào to cause to burn / to ignite / to detonate / a fuse
 biāo běn specimen / sample / the root cause and symptoms of a disease
 yīn guǒ karma / cause and effect
 hài de to cause or lead to sth bad
 shū huǎn to ease (tension) / to relax / to cause sth to relax / to alleviate / relaxed / easy and unhurried / leisurely / soothing / mild (slope)
 bìng yīn cause of disease / pathogen
 hài sǐ to kill / to cause death / to do sb to death
 dà nào to cause havoc / to run amok
 wú gù without cause or reason
 zhì ái carcinogenic / to cause cancer
 dà yè great cause / great undertaking
 zhào shì to cause an accident / to be responsible for an incident / to provoke a disturbance
 yīn yuán chance / opportunity / predestined relationship / (Buddhist) principal and secondary causes / chain of cause and effect
 nào shì to cause trouble / to create a disturbance
 gēn běn yuán yīn root cause
 sǐ yīn cause of death
 zuì kuí huò shǒu criminal ringleader, main offender (idiom) / main culprit / fig. main cause of a disaster
 wú yuán wú gù no cause, no reason (idiom) / completely uncalled for
 zhǔ yào yīn sù main factor / principal cause
 jiàn yì yǒng wéi to see what is right and act courageously (idiom, from Analects) / to stand up bravely for the truth / acting heroically in a just cause
 dǎo dàn to cause trouble / to stir up trouble
 dà yì righteousness / virtuous cause / a woman's marriage / main points of a piece of writing
 zuò suì haunted / to haunt / to cause mischief
 shěng xīn to cause no trouble / to be spared worry / worry-free
 zhì bìng pathogenic / to cause disease
 sǔn huǐ to cause damage to / to ruin / to destroy
 yuán dòng lì motive force / prime mover / first cause / agent
 bìng yuán cause of disease / pathogen
 rě shì to cause trouble
 chuǎng huò to cause an accident / to make trouble / to get into trouble
 dòu xiào to amuse / to cause to smile / amusing
 qián yīn hòu guǒ cause and effects (idiom) / entire process of development
 tiān luàn (coll.) to cause trouble for sb / to inconvenience
 hú lái to act arbitrarily regardless of the rules / to mess with sth / to make a hash of things / to cause trouble
 zhì biāo to treat only the symptoms but not the root cause
 gǎn zhào to move and appeal / to rally to a cause / to impel / to inspire
 huò gēn root of the trouble / cause of the ruin
 zī shì to cause trouble / to provoke a dispute
 bì xuè blood shed in a just cause
线 dǎo huǒ xiàn fuse (for explosives) / (fig.) proximate cause / the last straw
 zhòng cuò devastating setback / slump (in stock market etc) / crushing defeat / to cause a serious setback / to plummet
 sǐ nàn to die in an accident / to die for a just cause
 jiù yì to be killed for a righteous cause / to die a martyr
 bìng gēn an incompletely cured illness / an old complaint / the root cause of trouble
 chéng rén to die for a good cause
 dǎo guǐ to play tricks / to cause mischief
 hòu huàn wú qióng it will cause no end of trouble (idiom)
 ná rén making things awkward / to cause difficulties / to exert influence / to attract
 yí dòu (literary) doubts / suspicions / cause for suspicion
 bìng yuán cause of disease
 yā kuǎ to cause sth to collapse under the weight / (fig.) to overwhelm
 xùn nàn to sacrifice oneself in a just cause / a victim of a disaster
 mí hé to cause a wound to close up and heal
 huò guó yāng mín to damage the country and cause suffering to the people (idiom)
 sān gù máo lú lit. three humble visits to a thatched cottage / cf famous episode in the fictional Romance of Three Kingdoms 三國演義|三国演义 / in which Liu Bei 劉備|刘备 / recruits Zhuge Liang 諸葛亮|诸葛亮 / (the Hidden Dragon 臥龍|卧龙) to his cause by visiting him three times
 zī rǎo to cause trouble / to provoke a dispute
 zuì kuí criminal ringleader / chief culprit / fig. cause of a problem
 gēn yóu the whys and the wherefores / the detailed story / root cause
 huò cóng kǒu chū Trouble issues from the mouth (idiom). A loose tongue may cause a lot of trouble.
 bān nòng to fiddle with / to play and move sth about / to show off (what one can do) / to parade (one's capabilities) / to cause trouble
 xùn dào to die for a just cause
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