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 lái yuán source (of information etc) / origin
 yuán yīn cause / origin / root cause / reason / CL:個|个[ge4]
 qǐ yuán origin / to originate / to come from
 lái lì history / antecedents / origin
 gēn yuán origin / root (cause)
 běn root / stem / origin / source / this / the current / original / inherent / originally / classifier for books, periodicals, files etc
 duān old variant of 端[duan1] / start / origin
 chū chù source (esp. of quotation or literary allusion) / origin / where sth comes from
 jí diǎn extreme point / pole / the origin (in polar coordinates)
 yóu lái origin
 yuān yuán origin / source / relationship
 yuán qǐ origin
 lái lù incoming road / origin / past history
 yuán diǎn origin (math.) / origin of coordinates
 běn yuán origin / source
 fā duān beginning / origin / to originate / to initiate
 fā rèn to set (sth) afoot / to initiate / beginning / origin / commencement
 làn shāng lit. floating wine goblets on a stream / the origin (of some phenomenon)
 mǔ mother / elderly female relative / origin / source / (of animals) female
 yuán root / source / origin
 zhào the start / the origin
 Ní (literary) small child / limit / bound / extremity / to differentiate / origin / cause
 shēng mìng qǐ yuán origin
 zhào yīn cause / origin
 chǎn dì source (of a product) / place of origin / manufacturing location
 chū shēn to be born of / to come from / family background / class origin
 rén wéi artificial / man-made / having human cause or origin / human attempt or effort
 yuán dì (in) the original place / the place where one currently is / place of origin / local (product)
 lǎo jiā native place / place of origin / home state or region
 yuán chǎn dì original source / place of origin / provenance
 yuán quán fountainhead / well-spring / water source / fig. origin
 fā yuán dì place of origin / birthplace / source
 shì yóu main content / matter / work / origin of an incident / cause / purpose / subject (of business letter)
 Dá ěr wén Charles Darwin (1809-1882), British biologist and author of "On the Origin of Species" 物種起源|物种起源[Wu3 zhong3 Qi3 yuan2] / Darwin, capital of the Northern Territory (Australia) 北領地|北领地[Bei3 Ling3 di4]
 tóng yuán homology (biology) / a common origin
 yuán liú (of watercourses) source and direction of flow / origin and development
 sù yuán to investigate the origin of sth / to trace a river upstream back to its source
 yī mài xiāng chéng traceable to the same stock (idiom) / of a common origin (of trends, ideas etc)
 fǎ yuán Origin of Dharma (in Buddhism) / source of the law
 chǎn dì zhèng certificate of origin (CO or CoO) (commerce)
 hán wēi of humble origin
 cí yuán etymology / origin of a word
 cè yuán dì place of origin / source (of a war or a social movement)
 zhuī běn sù yuán to trace sth back to its origin
 lái lì bù míng of unknown origin
 lái lù bù míng unidentified origin / no-one knows where it comes from / of dubious background
·  MIURA Baien (1723-1789), Japanese neo-Confucian philosopher and pioneer economist, author of The Origin of value 價原|价原
 rén lèi qǐ yuán origin of mankind
 Jià yuán Kagen or the Origin of Value by MIURA Baien 三浦梅園|三浦梅园[San1 pu3 Mei2 yuan2], pioneering study of economics comparable to Adam Smith's The Wealth of Nations 國富論|国富论[Guo2 fu4 lun4]
 yuán chǎn guó country of origin
 tóng yuán cí cognate / words having a common origin
 míng yuán origin of a name
 dān yuán lùn theory of single origin (of mankind)
 wài jí Huá rén overseas Chinese / persons of Chinese origin having foreign citizenship
 dà chuāng ulcer or sore of venereal origin
 jiā shì hán wēi to be of humble origin (idiom)
 jí jìng modulus (distance from the origin in polar coordinates)
 hùn yuán time immemorial / origin of the universe / the world
 qǐ qì start and end (dates) / origin and destination
 Fēi zhōu dān yuán shuō single origin out of Africa (current mainstream theory of human evolution)
 shēng wù yuán wǔ qì arms of biological origin
  return or restitution of cultural property to the countries of origin
  wood origin
  Committee on Rules of Origin
 shuǐ dào qǐ yuán guó watercourse State of origin
  parcel of mixed origin
  Agreement on Rules of Origin
 yí zhí yì dìng shū Additional Protocol to the Convention on Human Rights and Biomedicine, on Transplantation of Organs and Tissues of Human Origin / Protocol on transplantation
  ice of land origin
  port of origin / port of loading
 zhuāng huò gǎng port of origin / port of loading
  certificate of origin
  rules of origin
  Classification of Commodities by Industrial Origin
  European Agreement on the Exchange of Therapeutic Substances of Human Origin
  International Convention concerning the Transit of Animals, Meat and Other Products of Animal Origin
  hydrogenetic origin
  Working Group on Rules of Origin
 Sān pǔ Méi yuán MIURA Baien (1723-1789), Japanese neo-Confucian philosopher and pioneer economist, author of The Origin of value 價原|价原[Jia4 yuan2]
 zì yuán etymology (of a non-Chinese word) / origin of a character
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