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 shí fēn very / completely / utterly / extremely / absolutely / hundred percent / to divide into ten equal parts
 jí qí extremely
 bù kān cannot bear / cannot stand / utterly / extremely
 wàn fēn very much / extremely / one ten thousandth part
 bù dé liǎo desperately serious / disastrous / extremely / exceedingly
 yào mìng to cause sb's death / very / extremely / frightening / annoying
 tài highest / greatest / too (much) / very / extremely
 sǐ to die / impassable / uncrossable / inflexible / rigid / extremely / damned
 jí extremely / pole (geography, physics) / utmost / top
 shā to kill / to murder / to attack / to weaken or reduce / to smart (dialect) / (used after a verb) extremely
 qióng poor / destitute / to use up / to exhaust / thoroughly / extremely / (coll.) persistently and pointlessly
 zéi thief / traitor / wily / deceitful / evil / extremely
 jí wéi extremely / exceedingly
 jí dù extremely
 jí le extremely / exceedingly
 yào sǐ extremely / awfully
 bù shèng cannot bear or stand / be unequal to / very / extremely
 zú zú fully / no less than / as much as / extremely
 zhì jí very / extremely
 shèn wéi very / extremely
 wàn bān every kind / manifold / extremely
 bù yì lè hū lit. isn't that a joy? (quote from Confucius) / fig. (jocularly) extremely / awfully
 bā bā (suffix) very / extremely
 zhī zhì extremely
 shà shì extremely / very
 jīng essence / extract / vitality / energy / semen / sperm / mythical goblin spirit / highly perfected / elite / the pick of sth / proficient (refined ability) / extremely (fine) / selected rice (archaic)
 shèn what / very / extremely / any
 zhì extremely / very
 yǒu jiā extremely (placed after verb or adjective)
 piān dàng extremely (stubborn, contrary, disobedient etc)
 shēng pà to fear / afraid / extremely nervous / for fear that / to avoid / so as not to
 tiān jià extremely expensive / sky-high price
 jīng xīn dòng pò shaking one to the core / extremely disturbing / hair-raising (idiom)
 kū xiào bù dé lit. not to know whether to laugh or cry (idiom) / both funny and extremely embarrassing / between laughter and tears
 wēi xiǎo minute (i.e. extremely small) / infinitesimal
 jìng qiāo qiāo extremely quiet
 wàn zhàng lit. ten thousand fathoms / fig. extremely high or deep / lofty / bottomless
 zhòng jīn huge money / extremely rich / very expensive
 bèi gǎn to feel even more / to be extremely (sad, lonely, delighted etc)
 jí shǎo shù extremely few / a small minority
 jù dú highly toxic / extremely poisonous
 jí xiǎo minimal / extremely small
 zhēn zhòng precious / extremely valuable / (honorific) Please take good care of yourself!
 fēi tóng xiǎo kě extremely important / no small matter
 dà jí very auspicious / extremely lucky
 yuān bó erudite / profound / learned / extremely knowledgeable
 kù shǔ intense heat / extremely hot weather
 rè lèi yíng kuàng eyes brimming with tears of excitement (idiom) / extremely moved
 fèn fèn extremely angry
 jīn pí lì jìn body weary, strength exhausted (idiom) / extremely tired / spent
 jù fú extremely large (of paintings, photographs etc)
 qiān zǎi nán féng extremely rare (idiom) / once in a blue moon
 yāo chán wàn guàn lit. ten thousand strings of cash in money belt (idiom) / carrying lots of money / extremely wealthy / loaded
 wén suǒ wèi wén unheard of / an extremely rare and unprecedented event
 ruò bù jīn fēng too weak to stand up to the wind (idiom) / extremely delicate / fragile state of health
 shēng téng extremely painful
 bì gōng bì jìng reverent and respectful / extremely deferential
 màn wú biān jì extremely vast / boundless / limitless / digressing / discursive / going off on tangents / straying far off topic
 wàn nán countless difficulties / extremely difficult / against all odds
 rú lu:3 bó bīng lit. as if walking on thin ice (idiom) / fig. to be extremely cautious / to be skating on thin ice
 cǎn jué rén huán extremely tragic (idiom) / with unprecedented brutality
 hóng shuǐ měng shòu lit. severe floods and fierce beasts (idiom) / fig. great scourges / extremely dangerous or threatening things
 gāo nán extremely difficult / hard and dangerous / challenging
 mào dié extremely aged / gray and venerable
 xíng yǐng xiāng diào with only body and shadow to comfort each other (idiom) / extremely sad and lonely
 lián jīn husbands of sisters / brothers-in-law / extremely close (of a relationship)
 jí yǒu kě néng extremely possible / probable
 tiě shù kāi huā lit. the iron tree blooms (idiom) / a highly improbable or extremely rare occurrence
 jí rú xīng huǒ lit. as hurried as a shooting star (idiom) / requiring immediate action / extremely urgent
 mào extremely aged (in one's 80s or 90s) / octogenarian / nonagenarian
 dǎn dà bāo tiān reckless / extremely daring
 zhòng yú Tài Shān heavier than Mt Tai (idiom) / fig. extremely serious matter
 sān chá liù fàn lit. to offer three kinds of tea and six different dishes / to be extremely considerate towards guests (idiom)
 dào xuán zhī jí lit. the crisis of being hanged upside down (idiom) / fig. extremely critical situation / dire straits
 dào xuán zhī kǔ lit. the pain of being hanged upside down (idiom) / fig. extremely critical situation / dire straits
 dòng pò jīng xīn shaking one to the core (idiom) / extremely disturbing / shattering / hair-raising
 qì chōng niú dǒu extremely angry / infuriated
 càn ruò fán xīng bright as a multitude of stars (idiom) / extremely able talent
 jué dǐng cōng ming extremely bright (idiom)
 hǔ wěi chūn bīng lit. like stepping on a tiger's tail or spring ice (idiom) / fig. extremely dangerous situation
 háo lí bù shuǎng not to deviate an iota (idiom) / to be extremely accurate
 háo fà bù shuǎng not to deviate one hair's breadth (idiom) / to be extremely accurate
 fǔ shí jiē shì lit. so numerous that one could just bend down and pick them up (idiom) / fig. extremely common / easily available
 fù kě dí guó having wealth equivalent to that of an entire nation (idiom) / extremely wealthy
 zhì guān zhòng yào extremely important / vital / crucial / essential
 qǐn shí nán ān lit. cannot rest or eat in peace (idiom) / fig. extremely worried and troubled
 mí zú zhēn guì extremely precious / valuable
 guò xì extremely careful / meticulous / overattentive
 fēi cháng gǎn xiè extremely grateful / very thankful
 màn cháng extremely long / unending
 dào xuán zhī wēi lit. the crisis of being hanged upside down (idiom) / fig. extremely critical situation / dire straits
 zuò niú zuò mǎ lit. to work like an ox, to work like a horse / fig. to work extremely hard
 qiè yào essential / extremely important
 qiān nán wàn nán extremely difficult
 qí chǒu grotesque / extremely ugly / hideous
 qí chǒu wú bǐ extremely ugly / incomparably hideous
 kuì hàn sweating from shame / extremely ashamed
 jiū xīn bā gān (idiom) extremely anxious / anguished
 huī yì to be extremely modest and polite
 jí xì xiǎo extremely small / infinitesimal
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