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 shēn kè profound / deep / deep-going
 shēn chén deep / profound / (of a person) reserved / undemonstrative / (of a voice, sound etc) deep / low-pitched
 shēn ào profound / abstruse / recondite / profoundly
 shēn shēn deep / profound
 shēn hòu deep / profound
 hòu zhòng thick / heavy / thickset (body) / massive / generous / extravagant / profound / dignified
 gāo shēn profound
 nóng zhòng dense / thick / strong / rich (colors) / heavy (aroma) / deep (friendship) / profound (effect)
 ào miào marvelous / mysterious / profound / marvel / wonder
 chén tòng grief / remorse / deep in sorrow / bitter (anguish) / profound (condolences)
 yì wèi shēn cháng profound / significant / meaningful
 yuān bó erudite / profound / learned / extremely knowledgeable
 xuán miào mysterious / profound / abstruse
 jīng shēn refined / profound
 shēn zhòng very serious / grave / profound
 shēn cháng profound (meaning, implications etc)
 rù mù sān fēn written in a forceful hand / penetrating / profound
 jīng wēi subtle / profound
广 shēn guǎng deep and wide / vast / profound (influence etc)
 yōu wēi faint / subtle (of sound, scent etc) / profound / mysterious / dim
 wēi tiny / miniature / slightly / profound / abtruse / to decline / one millionth part of / micro- / Taiwan pr. [wei2]
 chén to submerge / to immerse / to sink / to keep down / to lower / to drop / deep / profound / heavy
 yuān deep pool / deep / profound
 yòu to forgive / to help / profound
 miǎo profound / remote
 diào (literary) distant / deep / profound
 wù abstruse / profound
 yuān shēn profound (knowledge) / erudite
 yuān yuǎn deep / profound
 tán ào profound / deep
 xuán yuǎn profound / abstruse mystery
 yǎo yǎo obscure / dusky / far and deep / profound / see also 杳杳[yao3 yao3]
 suì mì deep / profound / abstruse and full (of thought)
 shēn yuǎn far-reaching / profound and long-lasting
 xuán jī profound theory (in Daoism and Buddhism) / mysterious principles
 bó dà jīng shēn wide-ranging and profound / broad and deep
 jīn lán profound friendship / sworn brotherhood
 xuán ào abstruse / profound mystery / the mysteries of the universe
 Zhēn wǔ Lord of profound heaven, major Daoist deity / aka Black Tortoise 玄武 / or Black heavenly emperor 玄天上帝
 yōu suì profound and unfathomable
 hòu thick / deep or profound / kind / generous / rich or strong in flavor / to favor / to stress
 gāo shēn mò cè profound mystery
齿 kǒu chǐ shēng xiāng eloquence that generates perfume (idiom) / profound and significant text
 yù yì shēn cháng to have profound import (idiom) / to be deeply significant
 níng jìng zhì yuǎn tranquility yields transcendence (idiom) / quiet life of profound study / cf Still waters run deep.
 yán jìn zhǐ yuǎn simple words with a profound meaning (idiom)
 tǐ dà sī jīng extensive and penetrating (idiom) / expansive and profound (of writing)
 diào deep / distant / profound
 zhuó jiàn to see clearly / deep insight / profound view
 gù zuò shēn chén to play the profound thinker
 chén suì deep and profound
 hóng yuān vast and profound
 shēn qíng hòu yì profound love, generous friendship (idiom)
 yuān lu:4 profound thoughts or ideas
 yuān hóng vast and profound
 yuān hǎi (lit.) abyss and ocean / (fig.) vast and profound
 yuān yì deep and profound meaning
 yuān móu profound or erudite plans
 yuān mò profound silence
 xuán lǐ profound theory / philosophical theory of Wei and Jin 玄學|玄学 / sect
 tiǎo suì abstruse / deep and profound
 gāi bó erudite / broad and profound / learned
 jǐng pì profound, thorough and moving
 lóng qíng profound love
 lóng qíng hòu yì profound love, generous friendship (idiom)
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