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 yáo yuǎn distant / remote
 piān pì remote / desolate / far from the city
 yuǎn far / distant / remote / (intensifier in a comparison) by far / much (lower etc)
 yuǎn chéng remote / long distance / long range
 piān yuǎn remote / far from civilization
 miǎo máng uncertain / remote / distant and indistinct / vague
 yáo yáo distant / remote
 yuǎn duān far end / remote end / remote / distant
 biān yuǎn far from the center / remote / outlying
 liáo yuǎn distant / far away / remote
 cū remote / distant / variant of 粗[cu1]
 yōu remote / hidden away / secluded / serene / peaceful / to imprison / in superstition indicates the underworld / ancient district spanning Liaonang and Hebei provinces
 yáo distant / remote / far / far away
 miǎn distant / remote / detailed
 tiáo remote
 miǎo profound / remote
 miǎo yùn faraway / distant / remote
 mián yuǎn remote
 mián miǎo far back in time / faraway / remote
 miǎn miǎo far / remote
 miǎo rán distant / remote
 miǎo miǎo far away / remote
 biān bǐ remote / border area
 yáo variant of 遙|遥, distant / remote / far / far away
 Jiāng hú rivers and lakes / all corners of the country / remote areas to which hermits retreat / section of society operating independently of mainstream society, out of reach of the law / the milieu in which wuxia tales play out (cf. 武俠|武侠[wu3 xia2]) / (in late imperial times) world of traveling merchants, itinerant doctors, fortune tellers etc / demimonde / (in modern times) triads / secret gangster societies / underworld
 yōu yōu lasting for ages / long drawn out / remote in time or space / unhurried / a great number (of events) / preposterous / pensive
 yáo kòng remote control
 yáo kòng qì remote control
 gāo gāo zài shàng set up on high (idiom) / not in touch with reality / aloof and remote
 yuǎn zhēng an expedition, esp. military / march to remote regions
 yáo gǎn remote sensing
 biān chéng border town / remote town
 yuǎn chéng jiān kòng RMON / remote monitoring
访 yuǎn chéng fǎng wèn remote access
 yuǎn jiāo outer suburbs / remote outskirts of a city
 yuǎn chéng dēng lù telnet / rlogin / remote login
 qióng xiāng pì rǎng a remote and desolate place
 yuǎn zǔ a remote ancestor
 miǎo wú rén yān remote and uninhabited (idiom) / deserted / God-forsaken
 yuǎn yīn indirect cause / remote cause
 yōu long or drawn out / remote in time or space / leisurely / to swing / pensive / worried
 yǎo sunken eyes / deep and hollow / remote and obscure / variant of 杳[yao3]
 yǎo wú rén yān dark and uninhabited (idiom) / remote and deserted / God-forsaken
 yōu pì secluded / quiet and remote / obscure and faraway
 yáo kòng cāo zuò remote operation
 qiū hè hills and valleys / remote, secluded area
 pì yuǎn remote and faraway
 táng fáng remote relatives (with the same family name)
 kuàng miǎo remote and vast
 miǎo hū qí wēi remote and insignificant (idiom)
 miǎo yuǎn distantly remote / also written 邈遠|邈远[miao3 yuan3]
 miǎo miǎo sublime / solitary / distant or remote / to gaze off into the distance
 yǎo rán far and deep / remote and obscure / see also 杳然[yao3 ran2]
 huāng xiá remote region
 yáo bù kě jí unattainable / far-fetched / out of reach / exceedingly remote or distant
 yuǎn yuán distantly related / remote affinity
 yuǎn jiāo outer suburbs / remote outskirts of a city
 suì gǔ remote antiquity
 biān yì remote area / distant marches
 xiāng qū remote village
 shān gōu gōu (coll.) remote valley / backwoods
 yáo kòng cào zuò qì remote manipulator / manipulator
  International Training Course on Remote Sensing Applications for Environmental Assessment and Monitoring
  Asian Association on Remote Sensing
  United Nations Panel Meeting on the Applications of Remote Sensing of Earth Resources
  Agriculture and Resources Inventory Surveys through Aerospace Remote Sensing
 jiā ná dài yáo gǎn xùn liàn yán jiū suǒ Canadian Remote Sensing Training Institute
  Congress of the International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
 yáo gǎn chéng xiàng remote sensing imagery
  Asian Regional Remote Sensing Training Centre
  Space Research and Remote Sensing Organization
  FAO Remote Sensing Centre
  International Training Course on Remote Sensing Applications to Agro-Climatology and Hydrology
  International Training Course on the applications of remote sensing to land resources
  Remote Explosive Scent Tracing
  International Training Course on Agricultural Applications of Remote Sensing
  United Nations International Meeting of Experts on Remote Sensing Information Systems
 fēi zhōu yáo gǎn zī liào fāng àn Remote Sensing Information Programme for Africa
  Cartography and Remote Sensing Unit
  Training Course on Remote Sensing Applications to Geological Sciences
 yìn duó yáo gǎn yán jiū suǒ Indian Institute of Remote Sensing
  Remote Sensing Ground Receiving Station
  Regional Seminar on Remote Sensing Applications for Geotectonic Mapping and Mineral Exploration
  Working Group on Remote Sensing of the Earth by Satellite
  Training Course on Remote Sensing Education for Educators
  remote areas
  Alberta Remote Sensing Centre
  Ouagadougou Regional Remote Sensing Centre
  Remote Sensing Centre
  Regional Remote Sensing Centre
  Interregional Remote Sensing Training Centre
  National Remote Sensing Centre
  International Training Course on the Applications of Satellite Remote Sensing to Water Resources
 yáo gǎn lián jī jiǎn suǒ xì tǒng Remote Sensing On-line Retrieval System
  International Workshop on Remote Sensing and Geo-information Technology for Decision-makers
  African Organization of Cartography and Remote Sensing
  Remote Sensing Technology Centre
  Canada Centre for Remote Sensing
  International Training Course on Remote Sensing Applications to Agricultural Statistics
  International Seminar on Satellite Technology Applications in Communications and Remote Sensing
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