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 hùn xiáo to obscure / to confuse / to mix up / to blur / to mislead
 wú míng nameless / obscure
 bù míng bù bái obscure / dubious / shady
 yǐn huì vague / ambiguous / veiled / obscure
 lěng pì out-of-the-way / deserted / unfamiliar / obscure
 ào obscure / mysterious
 ài (of daylight) dim / obscure / clandestine / dubious
 hán hán hú hú (of speech) obscure / unclear / (of actions) vague / ineffectual
 àn mèi obscure / remaining unenlightened
 yì obscure / sun hidden by clouds
 chěng obscure
 mèi mò veiled / obscure
 hùn máng dim / obscure
 míng míng drizzling / gloomy / dim / obscure
 míng méng drizzling / gloomy / dim / obscure
 yǎo yǎo obscure / dusky / far and deep / profound / see also 杳杳[yao3 yao3]
 jiǎn zhuō clumsy (writing) / awkward / obscure
 ài misty / cloudy sky / dark / obscure
 máng máng boundless / vast and obscure
 tiān shū imperial edict / heavenly book (superstition) / obscure or illegible writing / double dutch
 mò mò wú wén obscure and unknown (idiom) / an outsider without any reputation / a nobody / an unknown quantity
 xiá bù yǎn yú lit. a blemish does not obscure jade's luster / the pros outweigh the cons (idiom)
 yǎo sunken eyes / deep and hollow / remote and obscure / variant of 杳[yao3]
 wù to disobey / contrary / against / to go against / to violate / obscure character, possibly variant of 惡|恶[e4]
 hùn xiáo shì tīng to obscure the facts (idiom) / to mislead the public with prevarication and deliberate falsehoods
 xuān bīn duó zhǔ lit. the voice of the guest overwhelms that of the host (idiom) / fig. a minor player upstages the main attraction / minor details obscure the main point / the sauce is better than the fish
 zhòng kǒu shuò jīn lit. public opinion is powerful enough to melt metal (idiom) / fig. public clamor can obscure the actual truth / mass spreading of rumors can confuse right and wrong
 yōu pì secluded / quiet and remote / obscure and faraway
 piān tí obscure question / trick exam question / catch question / CL:道[dao4]
 shēng lěng zì obscure or archaic character
 lěng zì obscure word / unfamiliar character
 xī obscure variant of 悉[xi1] / Achyranthes bidentata, a root used in Chinese medicine, equivalent to 牛膝[niu2 xi1]
 bō obscure variant of 缽|钵[bo1]
 yǎo rán far and deep / remote and obscure / see also 杳然[yao3 ran2]
 luó shēng mén Rashomon, Japanese novel and movie / (fig.) situation where conflicting interpretations of the same event obscure the truth / unsolvable case
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