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 dà fang generous / magnanimous / stylish / in good taste / easy-mannered / natural and relaxed
 kāng kǎi vehement / fervent / generous / giving / liberal
 hòu thick / deep or profound / kind / generous / rich or strong in flavor / to favor / to stress
 dà liàng great amount / large quantity / bulk / numerous / generous / magnanimous
 fēng hòu generous / ample
 hòu dao kind and honest / generous / sincere
 hòu zhòng thick / heavy / thickset (body) / massive / generous / extravagant / profound / dignified
 dà dù magnanimous / generous (in spirit)
 kuān hòu tolerant / generous / magnanimous / thick and broad (build) / thick and deep (voice)
 huò dá optimistic / sanguine / generous / magnanimous / open-minded
 huī hóng to develop / vast / broad / generous
 gòu yì si wonderful / great / delightful / very kind / generous
 kuān hóng dà liàng magnanimous (idiom) / generous
 kuò qi lavish / generous / bounteous / prodigal
 yōu wò handsome (pay etc) / generous / liberal
 kǎi indignant / generous / to sigh (with emotion)
 chuò generous / ample / wide / spacious / well-off / to grip
 kāng generous / magnanimous
 yōng róng dà dù generous
怀 kuān dà wéi huái magnanimous (idiom) / generous
 kuān hóng dà dù magnanimous / generous / broad-minded
 kuān hóng magnanimous / generous / broad-minded / wide / resonant (voice)
 kuān hóng magnanimous / generous / broad-minded / wide / resonant (voice)
 kuān hóng dà dù magnanimous / generous / broad-minded
 kuān hóng dà liàng magnanimous / generous / broad-minded
 yōu hòu generous, liberal (pay, compensation)
 gāo tái guì shǒu to be generous (idiom) / to be magnanimous / Give me a break!
 hòu lǐ generous gifts
 bù lìn not to stint / to be generous (with praise etc) / to be prepared to (pay a fee, give of one's time etc)
 rén hòu kindhearted / tolerant / honest and generous
 wēn hòu good-natured / warm and generous / gentle
 hòu dài generous treatment
 zhàng yì shū cái to help the needy for justice (idiom) / to be loyal to one's friends and generous to the needy
 bēi cí hòu bì humble expression for generous donation
 bēi cí hòu lǐ humble expression for generous gift
 dà dù bāo róng generous and forgiving
 shū cái zhàng yì distributing money, fighting for virtue (idiom) / fig. generous in helping the needy
 gāo guān hòu lù high post and generous salary (idiom) / promotion to a high official position
 hòu bào generous reward
 hòu yì generous friendship
 hòu yǎng bó zàng generous care but a thrifty funeral / to look after one's parents generously, but not waste money on a lavish funeral
 shēn qíng hòu yì profound love, generous friendship (idiom)
 lěi luò dà fāng to be generous in the extreme (idiom)
 dǔ hòu honest and generous / magnanimous
 lóng qíng hòu yì profound love, generous friendship (idiom)
 gāo xīn hòu lù high salary, generous remuneration
 dà yú dà ròu dishes with generous amounts of meat and fish / lavish meal
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