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 jīng cǎi wonderful / marvelous / brilliant
 měi miào beautiful / wonderful / splendid
 qí miào fantastic / wonderful
 bàng stick / club / cudgel / smart / capable / strong / wonderful / classifier for legs of a relay race
 zhēn bàng super! / really great / wonderful
 jù jiā excellent / wonderful
 gòu yì si wonderful / great / delightful / very kind / generous
 qí strange / odd / weird / wonderful / surprisingly / unusually
 shèng victory / success / to beat / to defeat / to surpass / victorious / superior to / to get the better of / better than / surpassing / superb (of vista) / beautiful (scenery) / wonderful (view) / (Taiwan pr. [sheng1]) able to bear / equal to (a task)
 líng miào wonderful / ingenious
 jiā miào wonderful / beautiful (calligraphy)
 zài hǎo bù guò couldn't be better / ideal / wonderful
 qí jǐng wonderful scenery / amazing sight / (fig.) marvel
 shèng jǐng wonderful scenery
 huā hǎo yuè yuán lit. lovely flowers, round moon (idiom) / fig. everything is wonderful / perfect happiness / conjugal bliss
 pāi àn lit. to slap the table (in amazement, praise, anger, resentment etc) / fig. astonishing!, wonderful!, dreadful! etc
 měi shì a fine thing / a wonderful thing
 qí lì singularly beautiful / weird and wonderful
 pāi àn jiào jué lit. slap the table and shout with praise (idiom) / fig. wonderful! / amazing! / great!
 miào bù kě yán too wonderful for words
 pāi àn jīng qí to slap the table in amazement (idiom) / wonderful! / amazing!
 zhēn xiū měi zhuàn delicacy and fine taste (idiom) / a wonderful treat
 kōng gǔ zú yīn the sound of footsteps in a deserted valley (idiom) / sth hard to come by / sth wonderful and rare
 shén jī miào suàn divine strategy and wonderful planning (idiom) / clever scheme / supremely clever in his schemes
 gǔ lǐ gǔ guài quaint / odd and picturesque / weird and wonderful
 zhēn xiū měi wèi delicacy and fine taste (idiom) / a wonderful treat
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