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 měi lì beautiful
 piào liang pretty / beautiful
 měi guān pleasing to the eye / beautiful / artistic
 měi miào beautiful / wonderful / splendid
 měi hǎo beautiful / fine
 jìng lì beautiful / pretty
 xiù lì pretty / beautiful
 jǐn xiù beautiful
 yuè ěr sweet-sounding / beautiful (of sound)
 jiā měi beautiful
 fēi fēi very fragrant / luxurious / beautiful
 biāo zhi beautiful (of woman) / pretty
 yān rán beautiful / sweet / engaging
 qǐ lì beautiful / enchanting
 nuó (archaic) many / beautiful / how / old variant of 挪[nuo2]
 juān xiù beautiful / graceful
 měi beautiful / very satisfactory / good / to beautify / to be pleased with oneself
 yě yàn bewitching / beautiful
 shèng victory / success / to beat / to defeat / to surpass / victorious / superior to / to get the better of / better than / surpassing / superb (of vista) / beautiful (scenery) / wonderful (view) / (Taiwan pr. [sheng1]) able to bear / equal to (a task)
 lì beautiful
 jiā beautiful / fine / good
 qióng jasper / fine jade / beautiful / exquisite (e.g. wine, food) / abbr. for Hainan province
 juān beautiful / graceful
 é good / beautiful
 qǐ beautiful / open-work silk
 yì lost / missing / forsaken / dissolute / (of a woman) beautiful / fault / offense / hermit / variant of 逸[yi4]
 chán beautiful / graceful
 yuán beautiful (woman)
 jìng to make up (one's face) / to dress / (of one's dress) beautiful
 yán beautiful
 càn beautiful / bright / splendid / smilingly
 rù adorned / beautiful
 wù beautiful
 chà beautiful / see 奼紫嫣紅|姹紫嫣红[cha4 zi3 yan1 hong2]
 luán beautiful
 mán (of woman's hair) beautiful / flower garland worn as an ornament
 xù beautiful
 měi nu:3 beautiful woman
 měi huà to make more beautiful / to decorate / embellishment
 měi jǐng beautiful scenery
 hóng yán a beautiful woman / young beauties / youths / rosy cheeks
 jiā rén beautiful woman
 měi fà hairdressing / beautiful hair
 jué sè (of a woman) remarkably beautiful / stunning
 yàn lì gorgeous / garish and beautiful
 fěn sè pink / white / erotic / beautiful woman / powdered (with make-up)
 míng mèi bright and beautiful
 xiù fà beautiful hair
 jiàn měi healthy and beautiful / to do fitness exercises / abbr. for 健美運動|健美运动[jian4 mei3 yun4 dong4]
 měi yàn beautiful and alluring / glamorous / gorgeous
 fēng yuè romance / beautiful scenery / small or petty (of talk etc)
 qiū shuǐ limpid autumn waters (trad. description of girl's beautiful eyes)
 ài měi love of beauty / wishing to appear beautiful / to set store by one's appearance
 tiān xiān immortal (esp. female) / deity / fairy / Goddess / fig. beautiful woman
 jiāo yàn tender and beautiful / also written 嬌艷|娇艳
 yù nu:3 beautiful woman / fairy maiden attending the Daoist immortals / (polite) sb else's daughter / Chinese dodder (Cuscuta chinensis), plant whose seeds are used for TCM
 yàn yù encounter with a beautiful woman / romance / affair
 qī měi poignant / sad and beautiful
 róu měi gentle and beautiful
 yóu wù rarity / rare object / rare person / extraordinarily beautiful woman
 jiāo mèi flirtatious / coquettish / sweet and charming / beautiful young woman (old)
 míng jìng mirror (as a metaphor for sth beautiful, bright and flat -- such as a lake -- or sth that provides clarity and insight)
 qīng yōu (of a location) quiet and secluded / beautiful and secluded
 guī lì elegant / magnificent / exceptionally beautiful
 Yān Zhào Yan and Zhao, two of the Warring States in Hebei and Shanxi / beautiful women / women dancers and singers
 shí quán shí měi complete and beautiful / to be perfect (idiom)
 qiàn yǐng beautiful image of a woman
 mǎn mù fills the eyes (of a beautiful view, scene of desolation etc)
 huā zhī spray (sprig of a plant with blossoms) / squid (on dining menus) / (literary) beautiful woman
 yāo nu:3 beautiful woman
 měi bù shèng shōu nothing more beautiful can be imagined (idiom)
 niǎo yǔ huā xiāng lit. birdsong and fragrant flowers (idiom) / fig. the intoxication of a beautiful spring day
 dòng tiān paradise / heavenly or beautiful place / fairyland
 qīng guó qīng chéng lit. capable of causing the downfall of a city or state (idiom) / fig. (of a woman) devastatingly beautiful / also written 傾城傾國|倾城倾国[qing1 cheng2 qing1 guo2]
 fēng hé rì lì moderate wind, beautiful sun (idiom) / fine sunny weather, esp. in springtime
 chán juān a beautiful woman / graceful and elegant posture / moon
 hú guāng shān sè scenic lakes and mountain (idiom) / beautiful lake and mountain landscape
 diàn yǎn beautiful, expressive eyes
 shì nu:3 court lady / palace maid / traditional painting of beautiful women
 míng lì bright and beautiful / (of a landscape) gorgeous / (of a color) vibrant
 jiě mèi huā beautiful sisters
 pīng tíng (literary) (of a woman) to have a graceful demeanor / beautiful woman
 chà zǐ yān hóng fig. beautiful purples and brilliant reds (idiom) / lit. beautiful flowers
 cái zǐ jiā rén gifted scholar, beautiful lady (idiom) / pair of ideal lovers
 fěn dài face powder and eyebrow liner / cosmetics / (fig.) beautiful woman
 qí lì singularly beautiful / weird and wonderful
 yǎn fú a treat for the eyes / the rare chance of seeing sth beautiful
 é méi (fig.) beautiful woman
 fāng róng beautiful face (of a young lady)
 qǐ luó beautiful silk fabrics / person in beautiful silk dress
 xún huā wèn liǔ lit. to enjoy the beautiful spring scenery (idiom) / fig. to frequent brothels / to sow one's wild oats
 zhī lán lit. iris and orchid / fig. exalted sentiments / (expr. of praise for noble character, beautiful surrounding, future prospects etc)
 yún bìn a woman's beautiful, thick hair
 yōu měi (of a location) beautiful and tranquil
 bié yǒu tiān dì enchanting scenery / beautiful surroundings / world of its own
 shēng huā miào bǐ beautiful or talented writing
 āi yàn plaintive and beautiful / melancholy but gorgeous
 yùn beautiful sound / appeal / charm / vowel / rhyme / in Chinese phonetics, the medial and final sound of a syllable (i.e. excluding the initial consonant)
 lù beautiful jade
 liáng chén měi jǐng fine time, beautiful scenery (idiom) / everything lovely
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