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 shī sàn to lose touch with / missing / scattered / separated from
 zǒu shī lost / missing / to lose (sb in one's charge) / to get lost / to wander away / to lose (flavor, freshness, shape, hair, one's good looks etc) / to lose meaning (in translation)
 yì lost / missing / forsaken / dissolute / (of a woman) beautiful / fault / offense / hermit / variant of 逸[yi4]
 qù xiàng bù míng missing / lost
 tuō lòu omission / to leave out / missing
 bù jiàn not to see / not to meet / to have disappeared / to be missing
 shī zōng to be missing / to disappear / unaccounted for
 bù jiàn le disappear / be missing
 wú bù none lacking / none missing / everything is there / everyone without exception
 kòng gé blank / blank space on a form / space / / (indicating missing or illegible character)
 lòu diào to miss / to leave out / to omit / to be omitted / to be missing / to slip through / to leak out / to seep away
 shǎo few / less / to lack / to be missing / to stop (doing sth) / seldom
 là to leave out / to be missing / to leave behind or forget to bring / to lag or fall behind
 diào to fall / to drop / to lag behind / to lose / to go missing / to reduce / fall (in prices) / to lose (value, weight etc) / to wag / to swing / to turn / to change / to exchange / to swap / to show off / to shed (hair) / (used after certain verbs to express completion, fulfillment, removal etc)
 bù zhī qù xiàng whereabouts unknown / gone missing
 xiān xī wú yí detailed and nothing left out (idiom) / meticulous and comprehensive / not missing an iota
 yī zì bù lòu without missing a word
 zuò zhàn shī zōng rén yuán missing in action (MIA) (military)
 gǒu dòu dog hole / gap caused by missing teeth / fig. den of thieves
 gǒu dòu dà kāi dog hole wide open (idiom) / fig. gap caused by missing teeth (used mockingly)
 duǎn zhǐ brachydactylism (genetic abnormality of short or missing fingers)
 tuō wù omission / missing word
 xū quē hào white square character ( □ / ), used to represent a missing ideograph
 shī zōng rén yuán wèn tí gōng zuò zǔ Working Group on Missing Persons / Working Group on Unaccounted-for Persons
  Working Group on Missing Persons / Working Group on Unaccounted-for Persons
  Working Group on Missing Persons and Exhumation
  Day of Solidarity with Detained and Missing Staff Members
  Committee on Missing Persons in Cyprus
  National centre for missing and disappeared persons
  European Centre for Missing and Sexually Exploited Children / Child Focus
  Working Group on Detainees and Missing Persons
 shī zōng fù rǔ missing women
  Office on Missing Persons and Forensics
  International Commission on Missing Persons
  missing markets
  Conference on the Declaration of Death of Missing Persons
  Convention on the Declaration of Death of Missing Persons
  focal point for issues related to missing persons
  Contact Group on Missing Persons and Detainees
  Agreement on Cooperation in the Search for Missing Persons
 quán shī intact corpse / dead body with no parts missing
 quē jiǎo (of a square shape, such as a house plan) to have a corner missing / (fig.) to lack something / missing piece
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