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 xīn líng bright / smart / quick-witted / heart / thoughts / spirit
 cōng ming intelligent / clever / bright / smart / acute (of sight and hearing)
 guāng míng light / radiance / (fig.) bright (prospects etc) / openhearted
 xiān míng bright / clear-cut / distinct
 bái white / snowy / pure / bright / empty / blank / plain / clear / to make clear / in vain / gratuitous / free of charge / reactionary / anti-communist / funeral / to stare coldly / to write wrong character / to state / to explain / vernacular / spoken lines in opera
 guāng light / ray / CL:道[dao4] / bright / only / merely / to use up
 liàng bright / clear / resonant / to shine / to show / to reveal
 míng liàng bright / shining / glittering / to become clear
 guāng liàng bright
 cuǐ càn bright / resplendent
 míng lǎng bright / clear / obvious / forthright / open-minded / bright and cheerful
 liǎo (of eyes) bright / clear-sighted / to understand clearly
 guāng guāng bright / shiny / smooth / naked / bald / penniless
 cōng huì bright / witty / intelligent
 yì yì glistening / bright
 jiǎo jié shining clean / bright (moonlight)
 tòu liàng bright / shining / translucent / crystal clear
 jīng liàng bright / shiny
 xiān liang bright (color) / vivid
 míng huǎng huǎng shining / bright
 jiǒng jiǒng bright (eyes) / shining
 cōng mǐn quick / bright / intelligent / clever / brilliant
 míng bright / opposite: dark 暗[an4] / (of meaning) clear / to understand / next / public or open / wise / generic term for a sacrifice to the gods
 gěng gěng bright / devoted / having sth on one's mind / troubled
 liàng táng bright / clear
 huì xiá intelligent / bright / sharp
 liàng shǎn shǎn bright
 yǐng wù intelligent / bright
 jǐng bright / circumstance / scenery
 lǎng clear / bright
 jǐn brocade / embroidered work / bright
 zhāo bright / clear / manifest / to show clearly
 shuǎng bright / clear / crisp / open / frank / straightforward / to feel well / fine / pleasurable / invigorating / to deviate
 càn glorious / bright / brilliant / lustrous / resplendent
 gěng bright / honest / upright
 shuò bright / luminous
 bǐng bright / brilliant / luminous
 yì bright / tomorrow
 xī bright / warm
 yào bright / glorious / one of the seven planets of premodern astronomy
 hào bright / place name / stove
 jiǎo bright / white
 bì bright
 càn beautiful / bright / splendid / smilingly
 wěi glowing / bright / brilliant
 hào bright / white
 shuò bright / to melt / to fuse
 jiǒng blaze / bright
 jiǒng (literary) bright / shining / brilliance
 liàng diǎn highlight / bright spot
 míng yuè bright moon / refers to 夜明珠, a legendary pearl that can glow in the dark / CL:輪|轮[lun2]
 gāo míng brilliant / superior / tall and bright
 míng mèi bright and beautiful
 qīng míng clear and bright / sober and calm / (of a government or administration) well ordered
 xiān hóng scarlet / bright red
 gāo zhāo wise move / masterstroke / bright ideas
 jīng guāng nothing left (money, food etc) / all finished / bright and shiny / radiant / glorious
 shuǎng lǎng clear and bright (of weather) / straightforward / candid / open
 yín guāng silvery light / bright white light / shining white light
 shuǐ líng (of fruit etc) fresh / (of a person etc) full of life / healthy-looking / (of eyes) moist and bright / lustrous
 guāng jié bright and clean
 wén cǎi literary talent / literary grace / rich and bright colors
 míng jìng mirror (as a metaphor for sth beautiful, bright and flat -- such as a lake -- or sth that provides clarity and insight)
 guāng xiān bright and neat
 xuě liàng lit. bright as snow / shiny / dazzling / sharp (of eyes)
 líng jī yī dòng a bright idea suddenly occurs (idiom) / to hit upon an inspiration / to be struck by a brainwave
 yān hóng bright red
 shuǐ wāng wāng watery / waterlogged (soil) / limpid / bright and intelligent (eyes)
 lú huǒ chún qīng lit. the stove fire has turned bright green (allusion to Daoist alchemy) (idiom) / fig. (of an art, a technique etc) brought to the point of perfection
 zhāo qì péng bó full of youthful energy (idiom) / vigorous / energetic / a bright spark
 qīng lǎng clear and bright / unclouded / clear and sonorous (voice) / clear and lively (narrative)
 míng jìng bright and clean / luminous
 jiǒng jiǒng yǒu shén eyes bright and full of expression
 wǔ guāng shí sè bright and multicolored / of rich variety / (fig.) dazzling / glitzy
 yàn yáng tiān bright sunny day / blazing hot day
 míng lì bright and beautiful / (of a landscape) gorgeous / (of a color) vibrant
 líng jī sudden inspiration / bright idea / clever trick
 hóng tōng tōng bright red
 qíng hǎo bright and sunny weather
 càn rán clear and bright / with a big smile
 jiǎo jiǎo clear and bright
 chuāng míng jī jìng lit. clear window and clean table (idiom) / fig. bright and clean
 chǎng liàng bright and spacious
 yín liàng shiny bright as silver
 jiǎo yuè the bright moon
 liàng táng táng very bright / well-lit
 yè bright light / to sparkle
 yù bright light
 juān to deduct / to show / bright and clean / glow-worm / galleyworm / millipede
 yǎn high and bright
 yǎn high and bright
 jǐn xiù qián chéng bright future / bright prospects
 nóng bright light / warm dress
 míng chuāng jìng jī lit. clear window and clean table (idiom) / fig. bright and clean (room)
 qīng fēng míng yuè lit. cool breeze and bright moon (idiom) / fig. peaceful and clear night / (allusively) living a solitary and quiet life
 càn ruò fán xīng bright as a multitude of stars (idiom) / extremely able talent
齿 hào chǐ míng móu white teeth and bright eyes (idiom) / lovely young woman
 jué dǐng cōng ming extremely bright (idiom)
齿 míng móu hào chǐ to have bright eyes and white teeth
 Yáng Guān dà dào (lit.) the road through Yangguan 陽關|阳关[Yang2 guan1] / (fig.) wide open road / bright future
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