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 míng què clear-cut / definite / explicit / to clarify / to specify / to make definite
 xiān míng bright / clear-cut / distinct
 gān cuì straightforward / clear-cut / blunt (e.g. statement) / you might as well / simply
 lún kuò xiān míng sharp image / clear-cut / in bold outline / in sharp relief
 qí zhì xiān míng to show one's colors / to have a clear-cut stand (idiom)
 xiān míng gè xìng individuality / clear-cut personality
 yào shí tóng yuán lit. food and medicine come from the same source (idiom) / fig. there is no clear-cut distinction between food and medicine
 yī shì yī , èr shì èr lit. one is one, two is two (idiom) / fig. things are (or ought to be) perfectly clear-cut / unequivocal
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