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 míng xiǎn clear / distinct / obvious
 míng bai clear / obvious / unequivocal / to understand / to realize
 qīng chu clear / distinct / to understand thoroughly / to be clear about
 xiǎn rán clear / evident / obvious(ly)
 qīng xī clear / distinct
 kě jiàn it can clearly be seen (that this is the case) / it is (thus) clear / clear / visible
 fēn míng clear / distinct / evidently / clearly
 qīng chè clear / limpid
 chéng qīng clear (of liquid) / limpid / to clarify / to make sth clear / to be clear (about the facts)
 dì aim / clear
 míng liǎo to understand clearly / to be clear about / plain / clear
 míng lǎng bright / clear / obvious / forthright / open-minded / bright and cheerful
 zhēn qiè vivid / distinct / clear / sincere / honest
 tōng chàng unobstructed / clear
 qīng kōng to clear / to empty
 míng xī clear / well-defined / limpid
 qīng cháng to repay a debt in full / to redeem / to clear
 qiǎn xiǎn plain / clear / obvious
 míng bǎi zhe evident / clear / undoubted
 qū chú to dispel / to clear
 qīng chǎng to clear (a place) / to evacuate
 míng bright / opposite: dark 暗[an4] / (of meaning) clear / to understand / next / public or open / wise / generic term for a sacrifice to the gods
 zhāo xuě to exonerate / to clear (from an accusation) / to rehabilitate
 liàng táng bright / clear
 qīng chú to clear away / to eliminate / to get rid of
 biǎo míng to make clear / to make known / to state clearly / to indicate / known
 bù xiáng not in detail / not quite clear
 qīng lǐ to clear up / to tidy up / to dispose of
 bù míng not clear / unknown / to fail to understand
 míng liàng bright / shining / glittering / to become clear
 jiāo dài to hand over / to explain / to make clear / to brief (sb) / to account for / to justify oneself / to confess / (coll.) to finish
 qīng shuǐ fresh water / drinking water / clear water
 hè dào (of yamen bailiffs etc) to walk ahead of an official, shouting at pedestrians to clear the way
 fāng zhèng clear and square / neat / square (person)
 kāi lǎng spacious and well-lit / open and clear / (of character) optimistic / cheerful / carefree
 dèng qīng to settle (of liquid) / to become clear (by precipitation of impurities) / precipitate (chemistry) / to put in order / to quell disturbances
 qīng cuì sharp and clear / crisp / melodious / ringing / tinkling / silvery (of sound) / fragile / frail / also written 輕脆|轻脆
 qíng tiān clear sky / sunny day
 qīng míng clear and bright / sober and calm / (of a government or administration) well ordered
 xiǎng liàng loud and clear / resounding
 tōng guān to clear customs
 qīng yún clear sky / fig. high official position / noble
 míng xì clear and detailed / definite / details (are as follows:)
 tū xiǎn to present clearly / to give prominence to / to magnify / clear and obvious
 qīng suàn to settle accounts / to clear accounts / to liquidate / to expose and criticize
 jiǎn míng simple and clear / concise
 qīng rè to alleviate fever (medicine) / to clear internal heat (Chinese medicine)
 shuǎng lǎng clear and bright (of weather) / straightforward / candid / open
 shū tōng to unblock / to dredge / to clear the way / to get things flowing / to facilitate / to mediate / to lobby / to explicate (a text)
 yī qīng èr chǔ to be very clear about sth (idiom)
 jīng pì clear and penetrating (e.g. analysis) / incisive / insightful
 qīng quán clear spring
 fēn qīng to distinguish (between different things) / to make distinctions clear
 zì bái confession / to make clear one's position or intentions / to brag
 qīng lì lucid and elegant / quiet and exquisite / clear and attractive style
 qīng tiān clear sky / blue sky / upright and honorable (official)
 shū dǎo to dredge / to open up a path for / to remove obstructions / to clear the way / to enlighten / persuasion
 mō dǐ to have a clear view (of a situation) / to fish for information / fact-finding
 jiě huò to dispel doubts / to clear up confusion
 huò rán kāi lǎng suddenly opens up to a wide panorama (idiom) / to come to a wide clearing / fig. everything becomes clear at once / to achieve speedy enlightenment
 qīng cāng to take an inventory of stock / to clear out one's stock
 zhāo shì to declare publicly / to make clear
 wú kuì to have a clear conscience / to feel no qualms
 bái jìng (of skin) fair and clear
 liáo liàng loud and clear / resonant
 xīn ān lǐ dé to have a clear conscience / to have no qualms about sth
 hóng liàng loud and clear / resonant
 kāi kěn to clear a wild area for cultivation / to put under the plow
 tòu liàng bright / shining / translucent / crystal clear
 qíng tiān pī lì thunder from a clear sky (idiom) / a bolt from the blue
 zhēn xiàng dà bái the whole truth is revealed (idiom) / everything becomes clear
 jǐng jǐng yǒu tiáo everything clear and orderly (idiom) / neat and tidy
 kāi dào to clear the way
 jiǎn dān míng liǎo clear and simple / in simple terms
 huà qīng clear dividing line / to distinguish clearly
 qīng tāng broth / clear soup / consommé
 hào tiān clear sky
 jǐng rán yǒu xù everything clear and in good order (idiom) / neat and tidy
 shì yí to dispel doubts / to clear up difficulties
 qīng lǎng clear and bright / unclouded / clear and sonorous (voice) / clear and lively (narrative)
绿 qīng shān lu:4 shuǐ lit. green hills and clear waters / pleasant country scene (idiom)
 wèn xīn wú kuì lit. look into one's heart, no shame (idiom) / with a clear conscience
 tóu tóu shì dào clear and logical
 tōng shùn smooth / clear and coherent
 chéng chè limpid / crystal clear
 míng zhèng clear proof
 qīng líng (computing) to clear memory / to reset / to zero (a hard drive)
 gāo tāng clear soup / soup stock
 fàng qíng (of weather) to clear up
 lín lín clear and crystalline (of water)
 qiū gāo qì shuǎng clear and refreshing autumn weather
 xīn qiào the mind / capacity for clear thinking
 máo sè dùn kāi murky darkness suddenly opens (idiom) / a sudden flash of insight and all is clear
 qīng hán poor / underprivileged / (of weather) crisp and clear
 qīng yuè clear and melodious
 zhāo rán ruò jiē abundantly clear
 míng chù clear place / out in the open
 qīng dào to clean the street / to clear the road (i.e. get rid of people for passage of royalty or VIP)
 shí duō to clear up / to tidy up / to pick up
 shí duo to clear up / to tidy up / to pick up / to repair
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