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 kě jiàn it can clearly be seen (that this is the case) / it is (thus) clear / clear / visible
 kàn dé jiàn can see / visible
 yǒu xíng material / tangible / visible / shapely
 xiǎn xìng visible / conspicuous / phanero- / dominant (gene)
 xiǎn old variant of 顯|显[xian3] / visible / apparent
 yǐn huàn a danger concealed within sth / hidden damage / misfortune not visible from the surface
 xiǎn lù to become visible / to reveal
 xuè sī wisps of blood / visible veins / (of eyes) bloodshot
 yǎn yìng hidden from view / alternately hidden and visible / setting off each other
 xiǎn wēi micro- / microscopic / to make the minute visible
 xiàn xíng to become visible / to appear / to manifest one's true nature
 xiǎn jiàn obvious / clearly visible
 kě jiàn guāng visible light / light in optical spectrum
 yōu míng the hidden and the visible / that which can be seen and that which cannot / darkness and light / night and day / wisdom and ignorance / evil and good / the living and the dead / men and ghosts
 shì jù visible range
 xiǎn to make visible / to reveal / prominent / conspicuous / (prefix) phanero-
 biāo mark / sign / label / to mark with a symbol, label, lettering etc / to bear (a brand name, registration number etc) / prize / award / bid / target / quota / (old) the topmost branches of a tree / visible symptom / classifier for military units
 jīn muscle / tendon / veins visible under the skin / sth resembling tendons or veins (e.g. fiber in a vegetable)
 hú li wěi ba lit. fox's tail (idiom) / visible sign of evil intentions / to reveal one's evil nature / evidence that reveals the villain
 yī lǎn wú yí be plainly visible
 wǔ xīng the five visible planets, namely: Mercury 水星, Venus 金星, Mars 火星, Jupiter 木星, Saturn 土星
 shí yǐn shí xiàn appearing and disappearing (idiom) / intermittently visible
 xiǎn jīng phanerocrystalline / with crystal structure visible to the naked eye
 zhāng zhāng obvious / manifest / clearly visible
 rì yuè wǔ xīng sun, moon and the five visible planets
 xīng yào heavenly bodies (esp. the sun, moon or five visible planets)
 shí xiǎn shí yǐn appearing and disappearing / intermittently visible
 yīn dé bì yǒu yáng bào hidden merits will have visible rewards (idiom)
 yǐn xiǎn appearing and disappearing / dimly visible / intermittent / implicit (but not clearly present)
  Meteosat Visible and Infrared Imager
  Visible and Infrared Spin-Scan Radiometer
  visible and thermal-infrared radiometer
  visible and near-infrared radiometer
  Women with Visible and Invisible Disabilities / WinVisible
  visible radiation / light radiation
  visible imaging device
 jī tū protruding nipples or bulging penis (contours of intimate body parts visible through clothing)
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