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 qí cì next / secondly
 lái to come / to arrive / to come round / ever since / next
 xià down / downwards / below / lower / later / next (week etc) / second (of two parts) / to decline / to go down / to arrive at (a decision, conclusion etc) / measure word to show the frequency of an action
 xià mian below / under / next / the following
 dì èr second / number two / next / secondary
 jiē xià lái to accept / to take / next / following
 qí hòu next / later / after that
 míng bright / opposite: dark 暗[an4] / (of meaning) clear / to understand / next / public or open / wise / generic term for a sacrifice to the gods
 xià yī cì next
 zài cǐ zhī hòu after this / afterwards / next
 fù jìn (in the) vicinity / nearby / neighboring / next to
 xià yī yè next page
 míng nián next year
 dì èr tiān next day / the morrow
 xià cì next time
 xià yī ge the next one
 lín jū neighbor / next door / CL:個|个[ge4]
 xià yī bù the next step
 gé bì next door / neighbor
 cì rì next day / the morrow
 xià yī dài the next generation
 xià zhōu next week
 tiē shēn worn next to the skin / close-fitting / personal (servant etc)
 xià yè next page
 chuán gei to pass on (to sb) / to send / to pass (e.g. in football) / to give directly (by hand) / to deliver / to hand over / to transfer / to relay / to transmit / to hand on (to the next generation)
 xià yuè next month
 xù jí sequel / next episode (of TV series etc)
线 chū xiàn (sports) to go out of bounds / to go over the line / to qualify for the next round of competition / (Tw) (fig.) to make the grade / to achieve success
 xià bèi zi the next life
 shēng xué to enter the next grade school
 chē mó car show girl / model who poses next to cars
 lái shēng next life
 xià huí next chapter / next time
 xià gè yuè next month
 lái nián next year / the coming year
 cǐ qǐ bǐ fú up here, down there (idiom) / to rise and fall in succession / no sooner one subsides, the next arises / repeating continuously / occurring again and again (of applause, fires, waves, protests, conflicts, uprisings etc)
 gé tiān the next day / on alternate days
 jiù zhe to be next to (colloquial)
 hòu shì future events / and what happened next... (in fiction) / funeral arrangements
 jǐn kào to be right next to / to lean closely against
 jǐn lín to be right next to / close neighbor
 yì rì next day
 wēi hū qí wēi a tiny bit / very little / next to nothing (idiom)
 jí rì this or that very day / in the next few days
 lián yòng to continue using / use together with sth / use next
 péi zàng to be buried with or next to dead person (of deceased's partner, or of funerary objects)
 lái rì future days / (literary) the next day / (old) past days
 qián jiǎo one moment ..., (the next ...) / leading foot (in walking)
 bù rì within the next few days / in a few days time
 zhì qīn next of kin / closely related
 xià xīng qī next week
 xià jiè next office holder / next to serve
 hòu nián the year after next
 yì nián the following year / the next year
 zhí xì qīn shǔ next of kin / immediate dependant
 xià jiā player whose turn comes next (in a game) / next one / my humble home
 hòu jiǎo (one moment ...,) the next ... / trailing foot (in walking)
 dú zhàn áo tóu to come first in triennial palace examinations (idiom, refers to the carved stone turtle head in front of the imperial palace, next to which the most successful candidate in the imperial examinations was entitled to stand) / to be the champion / to be the very best in any field
 bǐ lín neighbor / next-door neighbor / near / next to
 qián pū hòu jì one falls, the next follows (idiom) / stepping into the breach to replace fallen comrades / advancing wave upon wave
 lín zuò person in next seat / adjacent seat / neighbor
 huàn bān to change shift / the next work shift / to relieve (a workman on the previous shift) / to take over the job
 dēng táng rù shì from the main room, enter the inner chamber (idiom) / to go to the next level / to attain a higher level
 chéng yǔ jiē lóng game where the last word of one idiom 成語|成语[cheng2 yu3] is the first of the next
 Mí lè fó Maitreya / the Bodhisattva that will be the next to come after Shakyamuni Buddha
 cì next in sequence / second / the second (day, time etc) / secondary / vice- / sub- / infra- / inferior quality / substandard / order / sequence / hypo- (chemistry) / classifier for enumerated events: time
 jiāo bān to hand over to the next workshift
 lín jiē adjacent / next to
 yuè guāng zú lit. moonlight group / fig. those who spend their monthly income even before they earn their next salary (slang)
 lín shè neighbor / person next door
 yà second / next to / inferior / sub- / Taiwan pr. [ya3]
 bā to long for / to wish / to cling to / to stick to / sth that sticks / close to / next to / spread open / informal abbr. for bus 巴士[ba1 shi4] / bar (unit of pressure) / nominalizing suffix on certain nouns, such as 尾巴[wei3 ba5], tail
 chuán bāng dài to pass on experience (to the next generation)
 yín chī mǎo liáng lit. eating away next year's food in advance / fig. to dip into the next month's check / live now, pay later
 chóng yì to translate again (i.e. to redo the same translation) / to translate repeatedly from one language to the next (so multiplying errors)
 pǔ port / flat land next to a river or ocean
 tiān yá ruò bǐ lín far-flung realms as next door (idiom) / close in spirit although far away
 zǎo shēn yù dé to bathe the body and cleanse virtue (idiom) / to improve oneself by meditation / cleanliness is next to godliness
 shuǎng rán ruò shī at a loss / confused / not know what to do next
 zhè shān wàng zhe nà shān gāo lit. the next mountain looks taller (idiom) / fig. not satisfied with one's current position / the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence
 xià rèn next office holder / next to serve
 xià shì to die / future incarnation / next life / to be born / to come into the world / future generation
 chuán dài to pass to the next generation
 dà hòu nián three years from now / year after year after next year
 xià gè xīng qī next week
 xià yī zhàn the next stop (of a bus etc)
 qiě tīng xià huí fēn jiě to listen to the next chapter for an explanation
 jiè wèi in arithmetic of subtraction, to borrow 10 and carry from the next place
 chū yuè next month / after this month
 qián tú miǎo máng not knowing what to do next / at a loose end
 sì suì the following year / next year
 chéng hé tǐ tǒng What a scandal! / Whatever next?
 tí jí a step up / to rise to the next level
 yǒu yī jù méi yī jù to speak one minute and be quiet the next
 cì yī gè next one (in order)
 hǎi nèi cún zhī jǐ , tiān yá ruò bǐ lín close friend in a distant land, far-flung realms as next door / close in spirit although far away
 kào zǒu láng next to the aisle / aisle (seat on aircraft)
 xià yī dài wǎng luò Next Generation Network
 jiàn bì next door / partition wall
 xià cì shēng rì nián líng age at next birthday
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