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 cì next in sequence / second / the second (day, time etc) / secondary / vice- / sub- / infra- / inferior quality / substandard / order / sequence / hypo- (chemistry) / classifier for enumerated events: time
 yà second / next to / inferior / sub- / Taiwan pr. [ya3]
 cuì auxiliary / spare / deputy / second / sub-
 cì shēng derivative / secondary / sub-
西 Xī ān Xi'an, sub-provincial city and capital of Shaanxi 陝西省|陕西省[Shan3 xi1 Sheng3] in northwest China / see 西安區|西安区[Xi1 an1 qu1]
 fēn jú sub-bureau
 tiáo mù clauses and sub-clauses (in formal document) / entry (in a dictionary, encyclopedia etc)
 fēn xiàng sub-item (of program)
 tóng zhī government sub-prefect (old)
 Tiān mén Tianmen sub-prefecture level city in Hubei
 Qián jiāng Qianjiang sub-prefecture level city in Hubei
 huǎn liú sub-critical flow
 fēn huì chǎng sub-venues
 fù shěng jí sub-provincial (not provincial status, but independent)
 Xiān táo shì Xiantao sub-prefecture level city in Hubei
 Tiān mén shì Tianmen sub-prefecture level city in Hubei
 Qián jiāng shì Qianjiang sub-prefecture level city in Hubei
西 Xī ān Shì Xi’an, sub-provincial city and capital of Shaanxi 陝西省|陕西省[Shan3 xi1 Sheng3] in northwest China
 zhī liú yù sub-basin
 yà cí guī zé sub-word regularity
 fù dì jí shì sub-prefecture-level city (county level division, administered by province, not under a prefecture)
  sub-tow system
  tribal sub-fraction
  water provisioning sub-unit
  sub-hub Earth station
  military police sub-unit
  sub-surface clearance
  catering sub-unit
  engineer sub-unit
  deep sub-surface clearance
 Sā hā lā yǐ nán sub-Saharan
  Sub-Group on Water Accounting
  low-temperature chromatography / sub-ambient chromatography
  sub-bottom profiler
  Specialized Interventions Sub-Unit
  airport security sub-unit
  airlift control sub-unit
  sub-bottom profiling
  Sub-Working Group on Energy Savings
  district sub-office
  sub-trust fund
  Special Facility for Sub-Saharan Africa / Africa Facility
  electronic repair sub-unit
  electro-mechanical repair sub-unit
  field catering sub-unit
  communications security sub-unit
 Sā hā lā yǐ nán Fēi zhōu sub-Saharan Africa
  Sub-Committee on Projects
  Water Transport Sub-Committee
  Thematic Programmes Sub-Account
  Sub-Regional Action Programme
  Sub-regional Contingency Plans
  armoured personnel carriers sub-unit / APCs sub-unit
  sub-Ceasefire Commission
  Sub-Committee on Public Information
  Education Sub-Committee
  explosive ordnance disposal sub-unit
  Technical Sub-Committee
  Sub-Working Group on Asset Management
  Sub-Group on Capacity-building for Governance
  Licensing Sub-Commission
  Sub-Working Group on Biotechnology
  Sub-Regional Commission on Fisheries
  Sub-Committee on Trade Law
  Sub-Regional Consultative Commission
  sub-Joint Implementation Mechanism
  power generating equipment repair sub-unit
  Sub-group on Women in Development
  Judicial System Advisory Sub-unit
  mobile air movements sub-unit
  engineer contract management sub-unit
  Sub-Working Group on Emergency Telecommunications
  Elections Appeal Sub-Commission
  back-up flight control sub-system
 cì qū yù jūn bèi kòng zhì xié dìng Agreement on Sub-Regional Arms Control
 cì qū yù jūn bèi kòng zhì cuò shī Measures for Sub-Regional Arms Control
  Sub-Committee on Safety of Navigation
  high-resolution sub-bottom profiler
  Sub-group on Mineral and Energy Accounts
  Sub-programme on Environment and Energy
  Sub-Committee on Resettlement
  Sub-Committee on Fish Trade
  Sub-Committee on International Trade
  sub-Saharan African countries
  Sub-Group on Post-Conflict Peace-building
  road and airfield engineer sub-unit
  Sub-Committee on Demographic Projections
  Sub-Committee on Population
  Sub-Committee on Training
  Sub-Committee on Good-Neighbourliness
  Standing Sub-Committee of the Whole
  Sub-Committee on Marine Affairs
  ASEAN Sub-regional Environment Programme
  sub-strategic nuclear system of the shortest range
  Sub-Committee on exchange of information
  Sub-Regional Centre for Cartographic Sciences Training
  Economic and Technical Sub-Committee
  Consultative Sub-Committee on Hard Fibres
  Sub-Committee on Education and Training
  Sub-Committee on Small Territories
  Ways and Means Sub-Committee
  Sub-Commission of the Metallogenic Map of the World
  Ad Hoc Sub-Committee on Namibia
  Sub-Committee on Agricultural Statistics
  Harmonized System Review Sub-Committee
  Special Resources for Sub-Saharan Africa
  Sub-Committee on African Livestock
  Sub-Committee on Outer Space Activities
  Sub-Committee on Petitions and Information
  Sub-Working Group on Preparedness and Contingency Planning / IASC Sub-Working Group on Preparedness and Contingency Planning
  Sub-group on Macroeconomic and Social Framework
  Sub-Committee on Job Classification
  Sub-Committee on Marine Pollution
  Special Fund for Sub-Saharan Africa
  Sub-Saharan Africa Hydrological Assessment
  Strategy of Assistance to sub-Saharan Africa
  Sub-Committee on Staff Training
  sub-working group on Rule of Law and Access to Justice
  Special Programme for Sub-Saharan Africa
  Sub-Group on Common Premises and Services
  Sub-regional Ministerial Meeting for Central Africa
  Package for National and Sub-national Population Projections
  Sub-Commission on the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights
  Transport Data Base in Sub-Saharan Africa
  Sub-Committee on International Trade Law Matters
  Sub-Committee on Administrative and Financial Matters
  Sub-Committee of the Disarmament Commission
  Forestry Research Network for Sub-Saharan Africa
  project on Sub-Saharan Hydrological Assessment in Africa
  Sub-Committee on Developments in South Africa
  Sub-Saharan Africa Transport Policy Programme
  Arab Millennium Ecosystem Sub-Global Assessment
  Dry-Zone Sub-Saharan Africa initiative
·  Sub-Fund of the Hamish Brown Fellowship Fund
  Sub-Committee on the Carriage of Dangerous Goods
  Sub-Committee on Trade of Least Developed Countries
  Sub-Working Group on Gender and Humanitarian Response
  Sub-Committee on Marine Sciences and their Application (abolished)
  Sub-Commission for the Caribbean and Adjacent Regions
  Special Facility for Sub-Saharan Africa / Africa Facility
  Special Action Programme for Sub-Saharan Africa
  Sub-Group on Common Premises and Services Project
  Standing Sub-Committee on International Rivers
  Sub-Committee of the Whole on International Protection
  Consultative Sub-Committee on Surplus Disposal
  Sub-trust Fund for the Programme for Human Resources Development
  Caribbean Sub-regional Centre for Post-graduate Social Services
  NGO Sub-committee for the Eradication of Poverty
  Sub-Committee on Reception and Status Determination
  Sub-Commission on Prevention of Discrimination and Protection of Minorities
  Sub-Committee on Petitions, Information and Assistance
  Sub-Committee of the Whole on Administrative and Financial Matters
  Sub-regional Ministerial Meeting for Eastern and Southern Africa
  Sub-Working Group on Gender and Humanitarian Action / Gender Sub-Working Group
  World Bank Special Programme for Sub-Saharan Africa
  Sub-trust Fund for the Special Window for Women
  Eastern African Sub-Regional Support Initiative for the Advancement of Women
  Sub-Committee of the Committee on Crime Prevention and Control
使  Sub-Committee on the Law of the Non-Navigational Uses of International Watercourses
  Sub-Group on the Expansion of the SEEA to Social Aspects
  Sub-Committee on the Development of Cooperation with International Organizations
  Sub-trust Fund for Women's Economic Empowerment in Syria
  Census Training Programme in Sub-Saharan Africa
  United Nations Sub-regional Drug Law Enforcement Training Seminar
  Open-ended Sub-Committee on Good Neighbourliness
  sub-commission on refugees and displaced persons
  Sub-Regional Task Force on Child Protection and Child Rights
  Sub-Committee on Human Resources, Education and Training
  Association of State Telecommunications Undertakings of the Andean Sub-Regional Agreement
  Sessional working group on methods of work of the Sub-Commission
  Sub-Fund of the Trust Fund for Humanitarian Relief in Iraq (inactive)
  Sub-Committee to Study the Definition of International Terrorism
西  Sub-Regional Highway Maintenance Seminar for West and Central African Member States
  Sub-Working Group on Gender in Humanitarian Action
  Sub-Committee of the Legal Committee on the subject of unlawful seizure of aircraft
湿  Ad Hoc Technical Expert Group on the Biodiversity of Dry and Sub-humid Lands
  Inter-sessional working group on methods of work of the Sub-Commission
  Sub-Committee to Study the Underlying Causes of International Terrorism
  Joint Sub-Commission for the Development of the Lake Titicaca Integration Zone
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