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 xià shǔ subordinate / underling
 fù shǔ subsidiary / auxiliary / attached / affiliated / subordinate / subordinating
 cóng from / through / via / to follow / to obey / to engage in (an activity) / never (in negative sentence) / (Taiwan pr. [zong4]) retainer / assistant / auxiliary / subordinate / related by common paternal grandfather or earlier ancestor
 suǒ shǔ one's affiliation (i.e. the organization one is affiliated with) / subordinate (i.e. those subordinate to oneself) / belonging to / affiliated / under one's command
 shǔ xià subordinate / affiliated to / subsidiary
 bù xià troops under one's command / subordinate
 xià jí low ranking / low level / underclass / subordinate
 bù shǔ troops under one's command / subordinate / affiliated to a ministry
 cóng shǔ subordinate
 fù yōng vassal / dependent / subordinate / subservient / appendage
 pí subordinate / secondary / small
 zào deputy / subordinate / concubine
 shǔ lì (old) subordinate / underling
 zhí shǔ directly subordinate
 pī fù to reply officially to a subordinate
 zhū hóu feudal vassal / feudal princes, esp. the monarchs (dukes or princes) of the several vassal states 諸侯國|诸侯国 / of Zhou during Western Zhou and Spring and Autumn periods 11th-5th century BC / subordinate warlord / local official
 pī shì to write comments on a report submitted by a subordinate / written comments from a superior
 qì zhòng to regard sth as valuable / to think highly of (a younger person, a subordinate etc)
 zūn bēi superior and subordinate / social ranking
 shǔ category / genus (taxonomy) / family members / dependents / to belong to / subordinate to / affiliated with / be born in the year of (one of the 12 animals) / to be / to prove to be / to constitute
 dǎ gǒu qī zhǔ to beat a dog and bully its owner / fig. to humiliate sb indirectly by bullying a subordinate
 fù shǔ xiàn subordinate gland
 xià jí bù duì subordinate command
 xià jí sī lìng bù subordinate command
 cì jí lì fǎ subordinate legislation / subsidiary statutes / auxiliary laws / enabling regulations
  subordinate legislation / subsidiary statutes / auxiliary laws / enabling regulations
  subordinate military commission
  subordinate civilian commission
 gù lì (literary) former subordinate
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