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 jiā shǔ family member / (family) dependent
 fù yōng vassal / dependent / subordinate / subservient / appendage
 yīn biàn liàng hé zì biàn liàng dependent
 qī shǔ relative / family member / dependent
 fēi dú lì dependent
 yī lài to depend on / to be dependent on
 xiāng yī wéi mìng mutually dependent for life (idiom) / to rely upon one another for survival / interdependent
 yī cún to depend on sth for existence / dependent on
 yǐ lài to rely on / to be dependent on
 bàng rén mén hù to be dependent upon sb
 yīn biàn liàng dependent variable
  associated or dependent species
 èr jí shòu fú yǎng rén secondary dependent
 shòu fú yǎng pèi ǒu dependent spouse
  dependent child
 xī dú zhì yǐn zhě drug dependent person
  dependent care
  Dependent Territories Association
  female dependent
  primary dependent
  Ministerial Group on Dependent Territories
  Caribbean Dependent Territories
  recognized dependent
 nián nì sticky / clammy / (fig.) clingy / emotionally dependent
 yī qīn (Tw) to be in the care of one's relatives / to be dependent on a relative / to draw on family connections
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