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 zhù lǐ assistant
 zhù shǒu assistant / helper
 cóng from / through / via / to follow / to obey / to engage in (an activity) / never (in negative sentence) / (Taiwan pr. [zong4]) retainer / assistant / auxiliary / subordinate / related by common paternal grandfather or earlier ancestor
 fù secondary / auxiliary / deputy / assistant / vice- / abbr. for 副詞|副词 / adverb / classifier for pairs, sets of things & facial expressions
 èr shǒu indirectly acquired / second-hand (information, equipment etc) / assistant
 fù bù zhǎng assistant (government) minister
 bāng shǒu helper / assistant
 yǔ yì wing / (fig.) assistant
 fù shǒu assistant
 zuǒ to assist / assistant / aide / to accompany
 èr assistant
 bì zhù help / assistant
 fù zhǔ rèn deputy director / assistant head
 dǎo gòu shopper's guide / shop assistant / sales staff
 huǒ ji partner / fellow / mate / waiter / servant / shop assistant
 zhuān yuán assistant director / commissioner
 diàn yuán shop assistant / salesclerk / salesperson
 yíng yè yuán clerk / shop assistant / CL:個|个[ge4]
 shì láng ancient official title / assistant minister
 zhù jiào teaching assistant
 fù jīng lǐ deputy director / assistant manager
 zuǒ yòu shǒu left and right hands / (fig.) capable assistant / right-hand man
  administrative assistant
 gè rén zhù lǐ Personal Assistant
 xié lǐ assistant manager / to cooperate in managing
 fù lǐ deputy director / assistant manager
 nu:3 diàn yuán salesgirl / female shop assistant
 Shěn Guó fàng Shen Guofang (1952-), PRC assistant minister of foreign affairs (2003-2005)
 chú gōng kitchen helper / assistant cook
 zhǎng wò diàn nǎo PDA / Personal Digital Assistant
 gè rén shù zì zhù lǐ personal digital assistant (PDA)
 xié guǎn yuán assistant manager / steward
 diàn huǒ shop assistant / shop clerk
 jìng xuǎn fù shǒu election assistant / running mate
 lǐ huò yuán shop assistant / warehouse assistant
 shēng chǎn zhù lǐ Production Assistant
  Assistant Reporting and Information Officer
 zhù lǐ mì shū zhǎng bàn gōng shì Office of the Assistant Secretary-General
  Movement Control Assistant
  Assistant Secretary-General for Development and International Economic Cooperation
 shè shī guǎn lǐ zhù lǐ Facilities Management Assistant
 cái wù zhù lǐ Finance Assistant
 bào gào zhù lǐ Reports Assistant
  Secretary / Supply Assistant
  language reference assistant
  Programme and Supply Assistant
  Assistant Administrative Officer
 zhù lǐ bàn gōng tīng zhǔ rèn Assistant Chief of Staff
  Audiovisual Production Assistant
 zhǔ guǎn wài qín zhī zhù zhù lǐ mì shū zhǎng Assistant Secretary-General for Field Support
  Technical Compliance Assistant
 zhù lǐ gāo jí zhuān yuán Assistant High Commissioner
  Assistant Secretary-General for Policy Coordination and Inter-Agency Affairs
  Assistant Secretary-General for Development Policy Analysis and Information
 fēi tǒng zǔ zhī zhù lǐ mì shū zhǎng Assistant Secretary-General of the OAU
  Assistant Production and Distribution Officer
 zhǔ guǎn duì wài guān xì zhù lǐ mì shū zhǎng Assistant Secretary-General for External Relations
  Assistant Secretary-General for General Assembly and Conference Management
  Web Development Assistant
 zhù lǐ shěn jì yuán assistant auditor
  Editorial and Desktop Publishing Assistant
  Assistant Secretary-General for Conference Services
 xìn xī guǎn lǐ zhù lǐ Information Management Assistant
 zhàng hù zhù lǐ accounts assistant
 gāo jí rén lì zī yuán zhù lǐ Senior Human Resources Assistant
  Human Resource Monitoring Assistant
  Principal Accounting Assistant
 gāo jí xīn zī zhù lǐ Senior Payroll Assistant
 jūn shì zhù lǐ Military Assistant
  Assistant Director for Peace-Keeping Matters and Special Assignments
  Assistant Secretary-General for the Capital Master Plan
 jì lù zhù lǐ Records Assistant
 kè hù fù wù zhù lǐ Client Services Assistant
 jī chǎng yè wù zhù lǐ Airfield Operations Assistant
  Information Technology Server Assistant
  local office assistant
 cāng kù zhù lǐ Warehouse Assistant
  Assistant Secretary-General for Research and the Collection of Information
  Assistant Secretary-General for Planning and Support
  Assistant Secretary-General for Management and Coordination
  Assistant Secretary-General for Special Assignments
  Assistant Editorial Control Officer
  Director, UN Affairs, and Special Assistant to the Executive Director
 gōng zhòng dòng yuán zhù lǐ Public Mobilization Assistant
  Assistant Programme Officer
  Assistant Supply and Logistics Officer
 zhù lǐ chéng xù yuán assistant programmer
 fù zhù lǐ shǔ zhǎng jiān cái wù sī zhǎng Deputy Assistant Administrator and Director of Finance
 gōng chéng zhù lǐ Engineering Assistant
 jì lù guǎn lǐ zhù lǐ Records Management Assistant
 lù xiàng zhù lǐ Video Assistant
 rán liào zhù lǐ Fuel Assistant
  Assistant Executive Director
 zhù lǐ shǔ zhǎng jiān qū yù zhǔ rèn Assistant Administrator and Regional Director
  National Programme / Finance Assistant
 zhù lǐ shǔ zhǎng bàn gōng shì Office of the Assistant Administrator
 zhèng fǔ guān xì shì wù zhù lǐ Government Relations Assistant
  Special Events Assistant
 duì wài guān xì zhù lǐ external relations assistant
  Assistant Insurance Claims Officer
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