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 yǎn shēng to give rise to / to derive / derivative / derivation
 pài shēng to produce (from sth else) / to derive (from raw material) / derivative
 yǎn shēng wù a derivative (complex product derived from simpler source material)
 yǎn shēng chǎn pǐn derivative product / derivative (in finance)
 dǎo shù derivative (math.)
 cì shēng derivative / secondary / sub-
 wēi shāng derivative (math.) / business on WeChat 微信[Wei1 xin4] leveraging one's social network / person who operates such a business
 yǎn shēng gōng jù derivative (finance)
 bǎo zhèng jīn earnest money / cash deposit / bail / margin (in derivative trading)
 pài shēng cí derivative word
 piān wēi fēn (math.) partial differential / (math.) partial derivative
 xìn dài yǎn shēng chǎn pǐn credit derivative (in finance)
 dǎo hán shù derived function / derivative f' of a function f
 jīn róng yǎn shēng chǎn pǐn financial derivative
 tiān qì yǎn shēng pǐn weather derivative
 dì èr pài shēng tú second derivative map
  second derivative technique
 dì èr yǎn shēng miàn second derivative surface
  unsaturated derivative
 qiú dǎo to find the derivative (math.)
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