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 hú tu muddled / silly / confused
 huāng zhāng confused / flustered
 diān dǎo to turn upside down / to reverse / back to front / confused / deranged / crazy
 yūn confused / dizzy / giddy / to faint / to swoon / to lose consciousness / to pass out
 kùn huò bewildered / perplexed / confused / difficult problem / perplexity
 měng dǒng confused / ignorant
 jiū jié to intertwine / to band together (with) / to link up (with) / twisted / tangled / confused / to be at a loss
 xīn luàn rú má one's thoughts in a whirl (idiom) / confused / disconcerted / upset
 měng měng dǒng dǒng confused / ignorant
 luàn má lit. tangled skein / in a tremendous muddle / confused
 diān sān dǎo sì confused / disorderly / incoherent
 hūn luàn dazed / confused / fuddled
 liáo luàn dazzled / confused
 hūn tóu hūn nǎo confused / dizzy / fainting
 rǎng rǎng disorderly / confused / chaotic
 hún confused / dirty / to mix / muddy / variant of 渾|浑[hun2]
 mí to bewilder / crazy about / fan / enthusiast / lost / confused
 fēn numerous / confused / disorderly
 máng vast, with no clear boundary / fig. hazy / indistinct / unclear / confused
 wěn involved / tangled / disorderly / confused / chaotic / Taiwan pr. [wen4]
 dùn confused / turbid
 róng confused / fluffy / luxuriant growth
 yún confused / numerous
 gǔ confused / extinguished
 kuì confused / troubled
 fén beams in roof / confused
 gé confused / disorderly
 xīn huāng yì luàn confused / rattled / flustered
 shuǎng rán ruò shī at a loss / confused / not know what to do next
 fàn hún confused / mixed up / muddled up / befuddled
 hūn confused / forgetful / silly
 hùn confused / dishonor
 mēng quān (Internet slang) dazed / confused
 qī hūn bā sù confused / distracted
 rǒng zá many and varied / confused
 shuǎng rán open and happy / carefree / at a loss / confused
耀 xuàn yào giddy / confused / variant of 炫耀[xuan4 yao4]
 hú hu tú tu confused / muddled / stupid / dumb
 wú bó disorderly / mixed-up / confused
 yāo yūn confused / dazed
 bèi luàn to rebel / sedition / to delude / confused
 fēn fēn one after another / in succession / one by one / continuously / diverse / in profusion / numerous and confused / pell-mell
 hùn zhàn chaotic warfare / confused fighting / melee / to join in such fighting
 yún yún and so on / so and so / many and confused
 yūn tóu zhuàn xiàng confused and disoriented
 shén zhì bù qīng to be delirious / to be mentally confused
 huáng huò anxious and perplexed / uneasy and confused / suspicious and fearful
 fēn yún diverse and muddled / many and confused
 Sòng shǐ History of the Song Dynasty, twentieth of the 24 dynastic histories 二十四史[Er4 shi2 si4 Shi3], composed under Toktoghan 脫脫|脱脱[Tuo1 tuo1] in 1345 during the Yuan Dynasty 元[Yuan2], 496 scrolls / (not to be confused with 宋書|宋书[Song4 shu1])
 yūn cài (dialect) to get confused / dumbfounded / to get dizzy
 fēn zá numerous and confused / in a mess
 dǐng fèi a confused noise / a racket
 Sòng shū History of Song of the Southern Dynasties 南朝宋[Nan2 chao2 Song4] or Liu Song 劉宋|刘宋[Liu2 Song4], sixth of the 24 dynastic histories 二十四史[Er4 shi2 si4 Shi3], compiled by Shen Yue 沈約|沈约[Shen2 Yue4] in 488 during Liang of the Southern Dynasties 南朝梁[Nan2 chao2 Liang2], 100 scrolls / (not to be confused with 宋史[Song4 shi3])
 xiā zhǐ huī lit. to direct blindly / to issue confused orders / to give contradictory directions
 luàn in confusion or disorder / in a confused state of mind / disorder / upheaval / riot / illicit sexual relations / to throw into disorder / to mix up / indiscriminate / random / arbitrary
 wèn involved / tangled / disorderly / confused / chaotic / Taiwan pr. wen4
 xiáo confused and disorderly / mixed / Taiwan pr. [yao2]
 yíng a glimmer / glimmering / twinkling / fluorescence / phosphorescence / perplexed / dazzled and confused / planet Mars (arch.)
 jiū complicated, confused / dispute
 zhòng shuō fēn róu lit. diverse opinions confused and divided (idiom) / opinions differ / controversial matters
 yī tóu wù shuǐ to be confused / to be baffled
 diū lún chě pào lose a wheel, tear at the gun (idiom) / flustered and confused in a panic
 láo see 囒哰[lan2 lao2], confused talk
 lán confused chatter / incomprehensible babble / variant of 讕|谰, to accuse unjustly
 lán láo confused talk
 hún máng the dark ages before civilization / limitless reaches / vague and confused
 chāng chāng kuáng kuáng wild / hurried and confused / hell-for-leather
 mēng tóu zhuǎn xiàng to lose one's bearings / utterly confused
 guǐ mō nǎo ké muddled / momentarily confused
 zhǎo bu zháo běi to be confused and disoriented
 chóu zhuó numerous and confused / forming a confused mass
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