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 kùn huò bewildered / perplexed / confused / difficult problem / perplexity
 mí máng vast and indistinct / perplexed / bewildered / at a loss
 nà mèn puzzled / bewildered
 mí mí hū hū in a daze / bewildered
 shǒu zú wú cuò at a loss to know what to do (idiom) / bewildered
 jīng yí bewildered
 nà hǎn bewildered / amazed
 mí dèng puzzled / bewildered / infatuated
 yī liǎn máng rán puzzled / bewildered
 mù mí wǔ sè the eye is bewildered by five colors (idiom) / a dazzling riot of colors
 tiǎo huā yǎn (fig.) to get cross-eyed / to be bewildered
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