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 kùn huò bewildered / perplexed / confused / difficult problem / perplexity
 mí máng vast and indistinct / perplexed / bewildered / at a loss
 mí wǎng perplexed / at a loss
 wǎng rán frustrated / perplexed / irresolute / dazed
 yíng a glimmer / glimmering / twinkling / fluorescence / phosphorescence / perplexed / dazzled and confused / planet Mars (arch.)
 wǎng disappointed / perplexed
 fǔ perplexed / astonished
 wǎng rán ruò shī lit. to be frustrated as though having lost sth (idiom) / fig. to be at a loss / perplexed / frustrated
 huáng huò anxious and perplexed / uneasy and confused / suspicious and fearful
 bǎi sī bù jiě to remain puzzled after pondering over sth a hundred times (idiom) / to remain perplexed despite much thought
 kùn huò bù jiě to feel perplexed
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