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 shī wàng disappointed / to lose hope / to despair
 lèi lèi tired / exhausted / wretched / dejected / disappointed
 shī yì disappointed / frustrated
 tuí rán decrepit / ruined / disappointed
 liáo dǎo disappointed / frustrated / dejected
 bài xìng disappointed
 sàng to lose sth abstract but important (courage, authority, one's life etc) / to be bereaved of (one's spouse etc) / to die / disappointed / discouraged
 huǎng disappointed / flurried / indistinct
 wǎng disappointed / perplexed
 chóu forlorn / vexed / disappointed
 wǔ disappointed / startled
 chǎng disappointed / listless / frightened / also pr. [tang3]
 tǎng disappointed
 lǎn disappointed
 chàng chàng rán disappointed
𡒄 lǎn disappointed
 sǎo xìng to have one's spirits dampened / to feel disappointed
 hán xīn disillusioned / bitterly disappointed / terrified
 chàng rán disappointed and frustrated
 dà shī suǒ wàng greatly disappointed
 xīn hán bitterly disappointed / frightened
 huǎng disappointed / flurried / indistinct
 chǎng huǎng hurt and disappointed / blurry and unclear
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