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 jīng hún in a panicked state / frightened
 jīng xīn staggering / shocking / frightened
 sǒng rán frightened / terrified
 zhōu zhāng effort / trouble / pains (to get sth done) / flustered / frightened
 kǒng afraid / frightened / to fear
 bù terror / terrified / afraid / frightened
 huáng frightened
 sǒng frightened
 hú ancient measuring vessel (same as 斛) / frightened
 chǎng disappointed / listless / frightened / also pr. [tang3]
 xīn hán bitterly disappointed / frightened
 hè frightened / terrified
 yī jīng yī zhà frightened / flustered
 zhēng zhōng frightened / scared / terrified
 jīng pà alarmed / frightened
 jīng xīn dǎn chàn frightening / frightened (idiom)
 kǒng jù to be frightened / fear / dread
 jīng kǒng to be alarmed / to be frightened
 hún fēi pò sàn lit. the soul flies away and scatters (idiom) / fig. to be frightened stiff / spooked out of one's mind / terror-stricken
 xià dǎo to be frightened
 zhuì zhuì bù ān to be on tenterhooks (idiom) / to be anxious and frightened
 hún bù shǒu shè to be preoccupied (idiom) / to be inattentive / to be frightened out of one's mind
 xià hūn to faint from fear / to be frightened into fits / shell-shocked
 jīng to startle / to be frightened / to be scared / alarm
 shǔ cuàn to scamper off / to scurry off like a frightened rat
 zhé to be frightened
 qiè shēng qiè qì to speak in a frightened voice that lacks courage (idiom)
 dù kǒu guǒ zú too frightened to move or speak
 zhé be frightened
 zhēng zhōng scared / badly frightened
 dǎn pò to be frightened to death
 hài pà to be afraid / to be frightened
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