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 huáng kǒng terrified
 hán xīn disillusioned / bitterly disappointed / terrified
 sǒng rán frightened / terrified
 bù terror / terrified / afraid / frightened
 sǒng terrified
 hè frightened / terrified
 xì terrified
 zhé terrified
 zhēng zhōng frightened / scared / terrified
 xià huài to be terrified / to terrify sb
 jīng hài to be shocked / to be appalled / to be terrified
 jīng jù to be alarmed / to be terrified
 dǎn hán to fear / to be terrified
 wèi shǒu wèi wěi afraid of the head, terrified of the tail (idiom) / ever fearful and nervous / afraid of the slightest thing
 fā chù to feel terrified / to grow apprehensive
 qī huáng distressed and terrified / distraught (literary)
 chóng zú ér lì rooted to the spot (idiom) / too terrified to move
 Wú niú jiàn yuè cow from Wu is terrified by the moon, mistaking it for the sun
 dǎ chù to fear / to feel terrified
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