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 wán le to be finished / to be done for / ruined / gone to the dogs / oh no
 tuí rán decrepit / ruined / disappointed
 duàn sòng to forfeit (future profit, one's life etc) / ruined
 huài diào spoilt / ruined
 pò bài to defeat / to crush (in battle) / beaten / ruined / destroyed / in decline
 bài xù ruined / broken down / shabby
 zāo dregs / draff / pickled in wine / rotten / messy / ruined
 bì my (polite) / poor / ruined / shabby / worn out / defeated
 bù chéng yàng zi shapeless / deformed / ruined / beyond recognition / (of a person) reduced to a shadow
 yī jué bù zhèn one stumble, unable to rise (idiom) / a setback leading to total collapse / ruined at a stroke / unable to recover after a minor hitch
 jiā pò rén wáng family bankrupt and the people dead (idiom) / ruined and orphaned / destitute and homeless
 lún sàng to be lost / to be ruined / to perish / to wither away
 cán bīng bài jiàng ruined army, defeated general (idiom) / scattered remnants
 guó pò jiā wáng the country ruined and the people starving (idiom)
 shān tuí mù huài lit. the mountains crumble and the trees lie ruined / a great sage has died (idiom)
 guǐ yuán collapsed wall / ruined wall
 jīn yù qí wài , bài xù qí zhōng gilded exterior, shabby and ruined on the inside (idiom)
 jīn yù qí biǎo , bài xù qí zhōng gilded exterior, shabby and ruined on the inside (idiom)
 cán yuán (literary) ruined walls / ruins
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