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 wú xù disorderly / irregular / lack of order
 cuò luò strewn at random / disorderly / untidy / irregular / uneven
 hūn tiān hēi dì lit. dark sky and black earth (idiom) / fig. pitch dark / to black out / disorderly / troubled times
 diān sān dǎo sì confused / disorderly / incoherent
 lán gān (literary) crisscross / uneven / disorderly / rim of the eye / variant of 欄杆|栏杆[lan2 gan1]
 rǎng rǎng disorderly / confused / chaotic
 fēn numerous / confused / disorderly
 wěn involved / tangled / disorderly / confused / chaotic / Taiwan pr. [wen4]
 gé confused / disorderly
 wěn disorderly / messy / chaotic
 wǎng rǎng tumultuous / disorderly
 wú bó disorderly / mixed-up / confused
 fēn luàn numerous and disorderly
 fán zá many and disorderly / muddled
 wú zá miscellaneous / mixed and disorderly (of writing) / disordered and confusing / mixed-up and illogical
 chǔn stupid / sluggish / clumsy / to wiggle (of worms) / to move in a disorderly fashion
 wèn involved / tangled / disorderly / confused / chaotic / Taiwan pr. wen4
 xiáo confused and disorderly / mixed / Taiwan pr. [yao2]
 cēn cī cuò luò uneven and jumbled (idiom) / irregular and disorderly / in a tangled mess
 cuò luò bù qí disorderly and uneven (idiom) / irregular and disorderly
 chāng luàn wild and disorderly
 yòu chǎo yòu nào to make a lot of noise / to be disorderly
 xún xìn zī shì zuì disorderly behavior (PRC law)
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