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 āo tū concave or convex / bumps and holes / uneven (surface) / rugged
 bù píng uneven / injustice / unfairness / wrong / grievance / indignant / dissatisfied
 bù jūn uneven / distributed unevenly
 cuò luò strewn at random / disorderly / untidy / irregular / uneven
 cēn cī uneven / jagged / snaggletooth / ragged / serrated
 lán gān (literary) crisscross / uneven / disorderly / rim of the eye / variant of 欄杆|栏杆[lan2 gan1]
 cī uneven
 lěi lumpy / rock pile / uneven / fig. sincere / open and honest
 kě uneven (path) / unfortunate (in life)
 pō rugged / uneven
 qī niǔ bā wāi misshapen / crooked / uneven (idiom)
 lǐ chū wài jìn uneven / in disorder / everything sticking out
 āo tū bù píng uneven (surface) / bumpy (road)
 cēn uneven / not uniform
 suō uneven / unsteady (in dancing)
 cī uneven
 qī up / uneven
 yú uneven (teeth)
 kēng kǎn uneven (road) / depression (in terrain)
 gāo gāo dī dī high and low / uneven (in height) / uneven (of ground)
 cēn uneven / not uniform
 yǎo hé (of uneven surfaces) to fit together / (of gear wheels) to mesh / (dentistry) occlusion / bite
 gāo dī gàng uneven bars (gymnastics)
 jǔ irregular / uneven teeth
 cēn cī cuò luò uneven and jumbled (idiom) / irregular and disorderly / in a tangled mess
 cuò luò bù qí disorderly and uneven (idiom) / irregular and disorderly
 zōng uneven flight of a bird
 wéi high and uneven
 zè shēng oblique tone / nonlevel tone / uneven tone (the third tone of Classical Chinese)
 pán tuó twisted / spiral / uneven stones
 huā hua dā dā mixed / uneven in texture
 zōu uneven teeth / buck-toothed
 zōu yú uneven teeth / buck-toothed
 bù huàn guǎ ér huàn bù jūn do not worry about scarcity, but rather about uneven distribution (idiom, from Analects)
 pō tuó sloping and uneven
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