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 fēn míng clear / distinct / evidently / clearly
 kě zhī evidently / clearly / no wonder / knowable
 bī zhēn lifelike / true to life / distinctly / clearly
 xiǎn ér yì jiàn clearly and easy to see (idiom) / obviously / clearly / it goes without saying
 yǎn jiàn de (dialect) obviously / clearly
 jiào rán clearly / evidently / markedly
 pàn rán markedly / clearly
 biǎo míng to make clear / to make known / to state clearly / to indicate / known
 zhǐ dìng to appoint / to assign / to indicate clearly and with certainty / designated
 kě jiàn it can clearly be seen (that this is the case) / it is (thus) clear / clear / visible
 zhù míng to clearly indicate
 kàn qīng to see clearly
 míng liǎo to understand clearly / to be clear about / plain / clear
 kàn bu qīng not able to see clearly
 rèn qīng to see clearly / to recognize / to realize
 tū xiǎn to present clearly / to give prominence to / to magnify / clear and obvious
 zhǐ míng to show clearly / to designate / to indicate
 liǎo (of eyes) bright / clear-sighted / to understand clearly
 tū xiàn to come to prominence / to appear clearly / to stick out
 liǎo liǎo to realize clearly / to settle a matter / to get it over with
 tōng dá to understand clearly / to be sensible or reasonable / understanding
 tè yì exceptionally good / excellent / clearly outstanding / distinctive / peculiar / unique
 shùn lǐ chéng zhāng logical / only to be expected / rational and clearly structured (of text)
 chǎn míng to elucidate / to explain clearly / to expound
 bǎi míng to show clearly
 míng shì to state explicitly / to clearly indicate
 xī shǔ to enumerate in detail / to explain clearly
 liǎo rán to understand clearly / evident
 dòng chá to see clearly
 rèn zhǔn to identify clearly / to make sure of / to believe firmly
 dòng xī to clearly understand
 huà qīng clear dividing line / to distinguish clearly
穿 dòng chuān to penetrate / to pierce / to see clearly / to have an insight into
 míng yán to say clearly / to argue clearly / to pronounce / pronounced
 xiǎn jiàn obvious / clearly visible
 míng mǎ non-secret code (such as Morse code, Chinese telegraph code, ASCII etc) / plaintext (cryptography) / (of prices) clearly marked
 yán míng to state clearly
 míng chá qiū háo lit. seeing clearly the downy feather of autumn (idiom, from Mencius) / fig. sensitive to the finest detail / to distinguish right and wrong with acuity / omniscient
 míng chá to note clearly / to perceive
 míng biàn to discern / to distinguish clearly
 dòng jiàn insight / to see clearly
 biàn míng to explain clearly / to elucidate
 zhāo bright / clear / manifest / to show clearly
 líng to hear / to listen / to understand clearly
 Jīng Wèi fēn míng as rivers Jing and Wei separate clearly (idiom) / to be entirely different
 dòng chá yī qiè to see everything clearly
 dòng ruò guān huǒ clear as a flame (idiom) / to see things absolutely clearly
 liǎo rán yú xiōng to be well aware of sth / to understand clearly
 zhuó jiàn to see clearly / deep insight / profound view
 gā rán (onom.) screech of a sudden stop / suddenly stop (of sounds) / crisply and clearly (of sounds)
 zhāng zhāng obvious / manifest / clearly visible
 zhāng míng to show clearly / to make public / obvious
 zhuō yú yán cí to be unable to express oneself clearly (idiom)
 tīng qīng to hear clearly
 yǐn xiǎn appearing and disappearing / dimly visible / intermittent / implicit (but not clearly present)
 lǎng zhào to shine brightly / (fig.) to perceive clearly
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