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 duān zhèng upright / regular / proper / correct
 fāng square / power or involution (math.) / upright / honest / fair and square / direction / side / party (to a contract, dispute etc) / place / method / prescription (medicine) / just when / only or just / classifier for square things / abbr. for square or cubic meter
 zhèng straight / upright / proper / main / principal / to correct / to rectify / exactly / just (at that time) / right (in that place) / (math.) positive
 zhèng zhí just at the time of / honest / upright / (math.) positive value
 zhèng zhí upright / upstanding / honest
 zhí lì erect / upright / vertical
 zhèng pài upright
 lín xún bony (of people) / craggy / rugged (of terrain) / upright (of people)
 gāng zhèng honest / upright
 duān fāng upright / honest / proper / correct
 liè ardent / intense / fierce / stern / upright / to give one's life for a noble cause / exploits / achievements
 gěng bright / honest / upright
 chù lofty / upright
 jiǎng honest / upright
 xìng upright
 duān rán upright / finally / unexpectedly
 zhì zhí upright / straightforward
 yǎ zhèng correct (literary) / upright / (hon.) Please point out my shortcomings. / I await your esteemed corrections.
 guī ju lit. compass and set square / fig. established standard / rule / customs / practices / fig. upright and honest / well-behaved
 bǐ zhí perfectly straight / straight as a ramrod / bolt upright
 jiān tǐng firm and upright / strong (of currency)
 duān zuò to sit upright
 chù lì to tower / standing tall and upright (of large building)
 qīng tiān clear sky / blue sky / upright and honorable (official)
 qián mén front door / main entrance / honest and upright approach (as opposed to 後門|后门, back-door or under the counter)
 néng rén capable person / Homo habilis, extinct species of upright East African hominid
 tǐng lì to stand erect / to stand upright
 yú tóu fish head / fig. upright and unwilling to compromise
 shù lì to erect / to set upright / to stand
 áng rán upright and unafraid
 bǐ tǐng (standing) very straight / straight as a ramrod / bolt upright / well-ironed / trim
 pēng pēng thumping sound (onom.) / to be eager and anxious (to do sth) / faithful and upright
 qīng pín poor but upright / destitute
 wěi àn imposing / upright and tall / outstanding / gigantic in stature
 fú zhèng to set sth upright or straight / to promote an employee from part-time to full-time (or from deputy to principal) / (old) to raise from concubine to wife status
 táng táng zhèng zhèng displaying strength and discipline / impressive / upright and frank / square
 qīng zhèng upright and honorable
 zhèng rén jūn zi upright gentleman / man of honor
 guāng míng lěi luò open and candid (idiom) / straightforward and upright
 gāng liè resolute and upright in character / unyielding / staunch
 cāng jìn bold / upright and strong / vigorous / forceful (brush strokes) / sureness of touch
 qīng guān honest and upright official (traditional)
 shù zhí vertical / to erect / to set upright / vertical stroke in Chinese characters / young servant (old)
 zhèng jīn wēi zuò to sit upright and still (idiom)
 yāo bǎn waist and back / fig. upright and still healthy
 tiě miàn iron mask (as defensive armor) / fig. upright and selfless person
 gāng zhí upright and outspoken
 jìng cǎo tough upright grass / fig. a staunch character able to withstand tough test
 piān xié crooked / not upright / diverging from straight line / improper / dishonest
 wù lì to stand upright and motionless
 gāng zhèng bù ē upright and plainspoken
 qīng guān nán duàn jiā wù shì even an honest and upright official will have difficulty resolving a family dispute (proverb)
 bēi a monument / an upright stone tablet / stele / CL:塊|块[kuai4],面[mian4]
 chuō to jab / to poke / to stab / to sprain / to blunt / to fuck (vulgar) / to stand sth upright
 kàng spouse / big and tall / strong / robust / upright and outspoken
 bù kuì bù zuò no shame, no subterfuge (idiom) / just and honorable / upright and above board
 qīng fēng liǎng xiù honest and upright (idiom)
 xíng bù yóu jìng lit. never taking a short-cut (idiom) / fig. upright and honest
 gāo fēng jùn jié a high-class upright character (idiom)
 wēi yán wēi xíng upright and plainspoken (idiom)
 shí zhù stela / upright stone / obelisk
 yǎn upright bar for fastening a door
 kàng zhí upright and unyielding (literary)
 zuò fēng zhèng pài to be honest and upright / to have moral integrity
 jìng zhí strong and upright
 lián zhí upright and honest / incorruptible / squeaky clean
 qīng zhèng lián míng upright and honest
 gěng jiè upright and outstanding
 jiǎo zhèng bù pà xié wāi lit. a straight foot has no fear of a crooked shoe / an upright man is not afraid of gossip (idiom)
 shēn zi gǔ posture / upright posture
 qiǎo rén Homo habilis, extinct species of upright East African hominid (Tw)
  upright freezer
 rén shì tiě fàn shì gāng one can't function properly on an empty stomach (idiom) / an empty sack cannot stand upright
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